16 things I wish I had known at 16

Looking back at my young 16 year old self seems like an eternity ago (actually only 6 years ago, wow I’m old!) just makes me cringe. Fashion choices, lifestyle choices and especially boy choices. Here are 16 things I wish I had known when I was 16 and maybe I wouldn’t have been the worried, self conscious, stressed teenager I once was!

Here are the 16 things little Carly Thompson wish she had known.

And if you were 16 once then maybe you can relate a little, or a lot to the following content.

1. Make sure to buy a foundation that actually matches. Argh, this still makes me cringe to this day. Whoever thought of picking up a any tub of Dream Matte Mousse and caking it all over your face would become be a bad choice? Yak to this very day!

2. ¬†Remember that boy you had countless arguments about with your parents? Yeah, they were right weren’t they? He did come out to be a melt. I wish I had listened to my mum about a particular boy I had an eight month relationship with. Hey ho.

3. Make sure you remember to spend time with your family. Whilst you’re growing up and going out with your friends trying to be ‘cool’ hanging out the local shopping centre, the rest of your family are growing old. To this day I wish I had spent more time with my Granddad, although I tried!

4. The crush you had which seemed to be the real deal actually doesn’t seem to be as legit as you thought. You will find that out as soon as you meet someone you really care about.

5. Looking back, how dangerous was underage drinking of good old faves Lambrini and Frosty Jacks in a cold, dark, damp field in the middle of winter? Now I would much rather be in my pj’s watching the soaps with a cuppa rather than freezing my overly padded size A’s off.

6. Teachers completely stress you out at this age. Revise for this, revise for that, it’s the end of the world if you don’t get in sixth form. When actually… Erm… yeah GCSE’s are important, but if you don’t nail them first time round you can always try again. They aren’t worth going grey about!

7. To this day I still pull an awful face when I think of how ’emo’ I was. That massive heavy side fringe, purple dyed hair, and going crazy on the black eyeliner. Argh!

8. People will never ever know you’re on your period, a freak and very unfortunate incident will be the only way you will leak through your clothes. And no, people can not smell it.

9. Losing your virginity can seem like the end of the world if you don’t lose it in your teens. But when you are in your 20’s nobody seems to care if you lost it at 15, 19, or if in fact you’re still a virgin.

10. Love your friends. You won’t believe it at the time, but your friends in your circle wont be your friends for life. You will end up moving apart and meeting and making new friends and moving on from your old memories. Sad, I know ūüė¶

11. How many times did you disagree with anybody who said “School is the best days of your life?” Yeah. They were not lying, but unfortunately they weren’t lying! School was great, being with your friends 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, constantly having a laugh and making memories. It goes over waaaay too quick, and you do miss it once it is over.

12. Don’t stoop to a lower level than your self worth by trying to impress those easy chavvy girls. Chav is never popular or a clever life choice. It’s better to be comfortable in the shoes you are in. Those girls end up being hated by the rest of the year anyways!

13. The contraceptive pill is there to prevent pregnancy. Not to be bragged about in front of your group of friends. Growing up is cool, but growing up too quick stops you from enjoying life around you. Contraception is a really personal issue which should be kept to yourself and maybe some who you trust with your life. Don’t shout, rant and rave about it 24/7 because it can give boys the complete wrong end of the stick. Plus, it’s pointless taking the pill unless you are sexually active too! Don’t give off the wrong impression.

14. Stop putting yourself down about the way you look. This is the most important one on this list in my opinion. I was constantly so body conscious all the way through my teenage years. I hated my weight, even though I was a size 10 – a weight I’d die to be now! I wish I had chilled out a little more about how I looked, when I look back I think damn girl, you looked finnnnnee!

15. Make sure you are nice to everybody. Being a bitch never ever makes you cool, and it defo does not make you a nice person, like ever!

16. Being a teenager is hard, but it does get better!




Manchester. Staying united as a country.

(Im completely aware that this post is a tad late, but it is one I have wanted to do for a little while but I have not felt like there was a right time to write it, nor post it).

I think the entire country has been in shock and devastated with the recent terrorist attacks that have hit our beautiful country. Not only in the last couple of weeks, but in previous three months. Without forgetting the Westminster and London Bridge attacks which was simply shocking, I don’t think there has been an incident like Manchester that has sickened the country since the 7/7 London bombings.

However it is times like this when you realise how much strangers love and care for each other’s safety and wellbeing which is simply spectacular. Coming together as a country is important to show that hate never wins, and that was done perfectly at the One Love concert held by the beautiful and brave Ariana Grande last Sunday showing how no matter how bad a situation, if we have each other we can bounce back and prove these terrorists and haters that they will never ever win. And that is why I am so proud to be British and part of this amazing and strong country.

If you want to support the Manchester Charity set up by the British Red Cross then you can buy t-shirts where all profits are donated directly to the charity, or you can personally donate (info below)

Pretty Little Thing
£10. Available in black and pink. Get it here.
Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 17.58.51

£10. Get it here.
Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 18.04.12.png

£12. Unisex. Get it here.
Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 18.07.21.png

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Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 18.09.49.png

Or visit https://uk.onelovemanchestershop.com/ to purchase One Love Manchester merchandise worn by Ariana Grande herself during the One Love concert.  All profits go towards the We Love Manchester Emergency fund supporting the victims and their families caught up in the attack of 22nd of May 2017.

03/05/17 – The Night I Seen Bruno Mars LIVE!

Okay, so first of all I want to apologise for being so absent lately. This is my first post in around 2 month. My Mac charger broke in October 2015 and I have not had any spare funds to buy a new one, however, I have purchased a new one and I’m officially BACK!


Moving swiftly on. Since little Bruno Mars released Nothin’ On You with B.O.B, which seems like ages ago! I knew there was something special about that voice. How a voice could be so warm and captivating at the exact same time. It amazed me.¬†Since then, I have been a huuuuge fan of Bruno’s songs right up to this current day.

But, being from the U.K it is rare an American singer comes over to this small island to perform. So, when my mum heard the announcement last year that Bruno was going to do a World Tour she knew it would be THE perfect birthday present for me. And she was correct! I couldn’t believe it! I was finally going to hear all of those songs that I have listened to for years and years live! It was almost too good to be true! I have had around 10 conversations with myself wondering which songs he will perform, and praying that he will perform old ones as well as his new material.

So, when the day finally come I was like a kid at Christmas! I was so excited and I think I only mentioned it around 40 times during ¬†that day to my family. My whole social media knew of the event, don’t worry I did not fail to let them know where I was going later and who I was going to see!

*I am apologising in advance for the poor quality of photos I have decided to share with you on this post. I was very excited whilst at the concert (as you can understand). So lend me some slack, yeah?)


Anderson . Paak was the support act, who I was completely unaware of, so that was a brand new experience. I couldn’t really say I was a big fan of his music, it wasn’t really to my taste. And I think he/they would have suited a Drake concert rather than an upbeat Bruno Mars concert. However, he was a good crowd warmer and it got me excited and in the mood the see him.

But, do I actually need to comment on how spectacular Bruno was!? Or would I just be biased by saying he was most certainly in the top 3 of the best concerts I have attended? I don’t care! He was amazing, and I still cannot believe I seen him. I was in the same room as him. Breathing the same air as him! It was a night I will not forget in a hurry.

My prayers were answered, he performed so many of his old songs, such as Marry You, Runaway Baby, Just The Way You Are, Grenade, Treasure, Locked Out Of Heaven, and When I Was Your Man. As well as songs from his new 24k Magic album including so much more than just Versace On The Floor, Uptown Funk, That’s What I Like, Chunky, and of course 24k Magic! Bruno and his gang did not fail to entertain, and the entire crowd was constantly screaming, singing along, dancing, jumping, swaying and so many more body motions. Their dance moves which appeared effortless inspired and amazed me at what I was witnessing.

18222328_10154557342302960_3136284615843029329_n 18221696_10154557342917960_749633565767638104_n
But, best of all…Bruno’s vocals sounded the exact same live as they do on his album, apart from he wasn’t doing a Bieber and miming! It was just incredible, I cannot sing his praises enough! (apart from the fact I, er, cannot sing to save my life)

18268143_10154557342082960_2462473225280997738_n 18222496_10154557342222960_5668216214385570425_n

I experienced every single emotion within the space of an hour and a half. I had goosebumps, I was dancing in delight, welling up at his heart felt songs, and singing along with Uptown Funk! I experienced happiness, sincerity,  love, loss and hope. But now, my hope is that Bruno does another World Tour in the future, I will most certainly be going! Well done Bruno and gang, well done!

If you want to hear how good Bruno was, but aren’t going to his concert then you can listen to a little bit of his live version of ‘Just The Way You Are’ that I recorded. I shared it on my Insta, you can visit that here.

20 fabulous homeware buys under ¬£20

Whether you’re redecorating or just fancy a little it of a window shop. Take a look at my created mood boards o get your house looking comfy, warm and pretty. But unfortunately if you’re a male you may disapprove of the below content ! Nevermind ūüėČ x  
1. IKEA £10 | 2. Primary £7 | 3. New look £9.99 | 4. Primary £2 | 5. TG Hughes £19.99 | 6. Wilko £6 | 7. Wilko £8 | 8. H&M £3.99 | 9. Next £11 | 10. Primark £5

1. Primark £8 | 2. ASDA £4 | 3. Notonthehighstree.com £14.95 | 4. The Range £5.99 | 5. The Range £7.99 | 6. IKEA £10 | 7. New look £7.99 | 8. New look £5.99 | 9. Argos £12.99 | 10. H&M £7.99

1. H&M £7.99 | 2. Wilko £7 | 3. Wilko £8 | 4. Wilko £4 | 5. Wilko £7.50 | 6. Etsy £19 | 7. Etsy £8 | 8. Athome.com $12.99 | 9. Athome.com $7.99 | 10. Athome.com $12.99

24 Christmas party dresses to get you in the mood

 With Christmas just round the corner it means all the Chrjstmas parties are getting closer and closer. Not that I am going to one this year, but that can’t stop me from looking at ALL of the amazing clothes on offer at the mo and wishing I had a perfect size 10 bod and all the lonely in the world! But hey ho, beggars can’t be choosers. 


1. ¬£120 / 2. ¬£120 / 3. ¬£20 / 4. ¬£28 / 5. ¬£60 / 6. ¬£35


1. £62.99 / 2. £31.49 / 3. £32.39 / 4. £31.49 / 5. £53.99 / 6. £44.99



1. £18 / 2. £18 / 3. £34 / 4. £20 / 5. £25 / 6. £22

Forever 21


1. £47 / 2. £53 / 3. £24 / 4. £47 / 5. £23 / 6. £63

15 advent calendars you need to lust over

You can never be too old for an advent calendar. I am 22, and when my mum was visiting me in Manc she brought me a Malteasers advent calendar which just makes me feel 10 all over again! So once that little beauty is opened on December 1st the Christmas countdown will have officially begun!

However this post focuses on beauty calendars! Afterall, they are healthier for you, but not for your bank balance ūüė¶

If you want to purchase any of the below calanders then click on the picture and you will be taken to the webpage.

1. Clarins £95

2. Yankie Candle £20 


3. NYX £60


4. Estée Lauder £205


5. No7 £39


6. bareMinerals £75


7. Technic £10


8. Tanya Burr £15


9. Charlote Tilbury £150


10. Kiehls £95


11. Selfridges £95


12 Milton Brown £150


13. Drinks By The Dram £150


14. The Body Shop £48


15. Benefit £31.05


12 things you have said when you’re as drunk as a skunk

Now if you haven’t already noticed, but alcohol seems to have a magical hold over people. After a couple gulps from your Prosecco, or pint (if you’re more like me) everyone seems to let loose and become best friends with EVERYONE! And those cheesy one hit wonders seems to become a “tuneeeee!!” and you suddenly know and remember the cringey dance that goes with that song. But nothing else matters, because you’re drunk and your life is going fantastic so let’s toast, or should I say, hang your head in shame, to the good times!

1) oh emm gee I frickin’ love you! Well we have ALL been there. Confessing your love to someone you actually love, or whether it is a teeny weeny white lie. Telling them there and then that you love them is such a good idea. Or at least we thought so. 

2) SHOTS!!!!!!!!  When has this ever been a good idea? Never. The answer is never. 

3) you’re like, my best friend. And half the time it’s not even true. 

4) I’m gunna call/text hike. And if you’re a good friend you must NEVER EVER let that action take place. 

5) oh my god we should totally… Because every amazing story starts with alcohol and ends with disaster. 

6) lets do this again tomorrow night, yeah? Until that deadly hangover kicks in and you’re practically bed bound. 

7) I’ll pay, I’ll pay! Living a champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages? No regrets!

8) I’m not even THAT drunk, wha you saying??? Because not being able to open your eyes without them being bloodshot under your 5 layers of mascara clearly means you’re sober. Yep. 

9) lets get a photo! Come on, we are basically professional photographers when we are drunk. Looking back at Snapchat the next day doesn’t back up this point though, oops!!

10) you are beautiful. And he does not deserve you!! And that stranger in the toilets definitely will take your opinion into consideration the next time she comes across her ex. Sistas sticking together ey!?

11) can you turn this up mr taxi man? Any more need saying? Whilst belting out Magic FM on the way home! 

12) best night out EVER!!!! Until, the next time you’re out