20 fabulous homeware buys under £20

Whether you’re redecorating or just fancy a little it of a window shop. Take a look at my created mood boards o get your house looking comfy, warm and pretty. But unfortunately if you’re a male you may disapprove of the below content ! Nevermind 😉 x  
1. IKEA £10 | 2. Primary £7 | 3. New look £9.99 | 4. Primary £2 | 5. TG Hughes £19.99 | 6. Wilko £6 | 7. Wilko £8 | 8. H&M £3.99 | 9. Next £11 | 10. Primark £5

1. Primark £8 | 2. ASDA £4 | 3. Notonthehighstree.com £14.95 | 4. The Range £5.99 | 5. The Range £7.99 | 6. IKEA £10 | 7. New look £7.99 | 8. New look £5.99 | 9. Argos £12.99 | 10. H&M £7.99

1. H&M £7.99 | 2. Wilko £7 | 3. Wilko £8 | 4. Wilko £4 | 5. Wilko £7.50 | 6. Etsy £19 | 7. Etsy £8 | 8. Athome.com $12.99 | 9. Athome.com $7.99 | 10. Athome.com $12.99

24 Christmas party dresses to get you in the mood

 With Christmas just round the corner it means all the Chrjstmas parties are getting closer and closer. Not that I am going to one this year, but that can’t stop me from looking at ALL of the amazing clothes on offer at the mo and wishing I had a perfect size 10 bod and all the lonely in the world! But hey ho, beggars can’t be choosers. 


1. £120 / 2. £120 / 3. £20 / 4. £28 / 5. £60 / 6. £35


1. £62.99 / 2. £31.49 / 3. £32.39 / 4. £31.49 / 5. £53.99 / 6. £44.99



1. £18 / 2. £18 / 3. £34 / 4. £20 / 5. £25 / 6. £22

Forever 21


1. £47 / 2. £53 / 3. £24 / 4. £47 / 5. £23 / 6. £63

15 advent calendars you need to lust over

You can never be too old for an advent calendar. I am 22, and when my mum was visiting me in Manc she brought me a Malteasers advent calendar which just makes me feel 10 all over again! So once that little beauty is opened on December 1st the Christmas countdown will have officially begun!

However this post focuses on beauty calendars! Afterall, they are healthier for you, but not for your bank balance 😦

If you want to purchase any of the below calanders then click on the picture and you will be taken to the webpage.

1. Clarins £95

2. Yankie Candle £20 


3. NYX £60


4. Estée Lauder £205


5. No7 £39


6. bareMinerals £75


7. Technic £10


8. Tanya Burr £15


9. Charlote Tilbury £150


10. Kiehls £95


11. Selfridges £95


12 Milton Brown £150


13. Drinks By The Dram £150


14. The Body Shop £48


15. Benefit £31.05


12 things you have said when you’re as drunk as a skunk

Now if you haven’t already noticed, but alcohol seems to have a magical hold over people. After a couple gulps from your Prosecco, or pint (if you’re more like me) everyone seems to let loose and become best friends with EVERYONE! And those cheesy one hit wonders seems to become a “tuneeeee!!” and you suddenly know and remember the cringey dance that goes with that song. But nothing else matters, because you’re drunk and your life is going fantastic so let’s toast, or should I say, hang your head in shame, to the good times!

1) oh emm gee I frickin’ love you! Well we have ALL been there. Confessing your love to someone you actually love, or whether it is a teeny weeny white lie. Telling them there and then that you love them is such a good idea. Or at least we thought so. 

2) SHOTS!!!!!!!!  When has this ever been a good idea? Never. The answer is never. 

3) you’re like, my best friend. And half the time it’s not even true. 

4) I’m gunna call/text hike. And if you’re a good friend you must NEVER EVER let that action take place. 

5) oh my god we should totally… Because every amazing story starts with alcohol and ends with disaster. 

6) lets do this again tomorrow night, yeah? Until that deadly hangover kicks in and you’re practically bed bound. 

7) I’ll pay, I’ll pay! Living a champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages? No regrets!

8) I’m not even THAT drunk, wha you saying??? Because not being able to open your eyes without them being bloodshot under your 5 layers of mascara clearly means you’re sober. Yep. 

9) lets get a photo! Come on, we are basically professional photographers when we are drunk. Looking back at Snapchat the next day doesn’t back up this point though, oops!!

10) you are beautiful. And he does not deserve you!! And that stranger in the toilets definitely will take your opinion into consideration the next time she comes across her ex. Sistas sticking together ey!?

11) can you turn this up mr taxi man? Any more need saying? Whilst belting out Magic FM on the way home! 

12) best night out EVER!!!! Until, the next time you’re out 

Isn’t it great when your other half is also your best friend? 

Isn’t it crazy how fast a year goes by? It’s been just over a year since myself and Tom first got talking and if someone told me that in a years time I would be with him and have achieved and accomplished so much together I would have called them crazy. Not that I didn’t want to be with him, but I thought that I had a long way to come in terms of moving into another relationship. However, naturally things just fell into place with me and Tom which I just love! 

Here are 7 reasons why it is the best having your other half as your best friend: 

1. They NEVER bitch about you behind your back. Forget fake friends and frenemies, why would your other half bitch about you behind your back? Surely that’s why couples argue because they don’t bitch, they straight right come out with it. As upsetting as it is to argue at least you know you won’t be stabbed in the back. 

2. Your connection is so much stronger. Do I need to say more? Trust sky rockets and so does the love when you realize you have everything you need and want all wrapped up into one person. May the sparks and butterflies fly. 

3. They are ALWAYS on your side. Whether they agree or disagree with you, they are sure to back you up not only because they have to, but because they want to. And I’m sure you would do the same for them, too.

4. They know everything about you, inside and out. It is also rare they will ever dislike any traits of yours because they love you on another level of love.

5. You can show off your ‘goofy’ side and not feel uncomfortable. Just taken a really ugly Snapchat selfie? They are usually the first person, if not only person to receive the snap. And that’s totally okayyyy because they are used to that side to you, and probably love you because of it. Everyone’s a winner baby!

6. All of the inside jokes! Isn’t it amazing how yous have a code like language that nobody else will ever ever understand? You’ll feel like its you and the other half living in this little bubble full of memories and past experiences shared together to get you in the position yous are in. 

7. You fight like best friends. And they totally for get it ever happened. But it’s so hard staying mad at them for more than 15 minutes, because they are so cute! Having a strong relationship is key and getting over arguments quickly is a sign of having one!


12 wonderful reasons why Autumn is amazinggg! 

Summer is over. Goodbye to all those perfect skinny girls showing off their ‘beach ready’ bodies and time to get out all of our dark comfy jumpers we have had hiding at the back of our drawers and wardrobes. Finallyyyyyy!! 🙌

1.  This New Look jumper. It’s high neck, long sleeved and looks so god damn comfortable and yet so fashionable at the same time. Who said great fashion can’t be comfortable?

 2.  Plum lipsticks. Especially if the lipstick is matte. I’m obsessed with Matte look everything in my makeup bag lately. So I cannot wait to be seen in my deep shade.  

3. Pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING! Do I need to explain this point further? No, I don’t think so. 

4. The fact that touch screen gloves excise and they WILL be worn this autumn winter with excellent outcomes! I mean, whoever created this idea is a genius and deserved some form of an award I think. No more awkward taking off one glove every time you get a text/ notification. 

5. Knee high boots are making a comeback, yeahhhh!! 

6. Hot soup. No matter what flavour, or if its home made broth we all know there’s nothing more soothing on a cold night than a bowl of deliciousness with a hot bread roll too. I’m hungry now, well done me. 

7.  Cute fluffy socks and slipper socks. The chunkier the socks the warmer the feet and the warmer the feet the happier we are. So isn’t it just logical that we need to wear these beauties like the ones featured below from Boux Avenue? 

8. Seeing the Werthers Original TV advert. Although this isn’t a Christmas one, we know that we are one step closer to seeing those infamous winter advert, and nit to mention my all time favorite coca cola Christmas advert.  

9. Loads of dark coloured nail varnishes looking ravishing on a daily basis! Plum, dark reds, oh my god I need!!

10. Getting cosy in bed in a freezing cold winters night. Is there anything nicer than being wrapped up warm? Maybe being wrapped up warm in bed when it’s raining. 

11. Seeing all of those winter lines being released in stores. There’s something exciting about seeing a completely new range of colours and items in shop windows and all over online. 

12. And because stores are getting their new products in it means they want to get rid of their old items meaning one thing… SALE!


15 things every bartender hates that customers do

So my new part time job smack bang in the centre of Manchester consists of me serving alcohol to customers, as well as getting annoyed every now and then at particular mannerisms. If you are reading through these and you think one relates to yourself, please stop. It’s not cool, and it doesn’t make you very popular either. 

1. When you can see that I am busy serving someone, please don’t lean over the bar and say “excuse me, when you’ve got a minute can I have…” It’s just ignorance at its best and if anything it will prevent me from wanting to serve you. 

2. Please don’t refer to any drink as it being “cheeky” a ‘cheeky’ vodka does not exist. End of. 

3. Always say please and thank you. Bad manners is so unattractive and it doesn’t take two seconds to say thanks after I’ve served you. 

4. Don’t tell me I’m doing your cocktail wrong because you’ve taken a class at Tiger Tiger and now you think you know every cocktail on the planet and how it should be presented. Different places have different ingredients, I’m doing it the way I have been trained by the company. 

5. BOYS! Just because I’ve served you does not mean I want a sampling of your penis, or your number for that matter. 

6. Never ever, and I mean never click your fingers or wave at bar staff. I cannot start to stress enough how disgustingly bad mannered that is. Plus you are more likely to get served last rather than first for just being a dick. Well done. 

7. We never give anything away for free. So if the promo staff have apparently told you you can get a free drink cos its your birthday then unless he’s paying for it himself, you in fact are not. 

8. Just because you are drunk does not excuse you for being a complete twat. I’m only doing my job. 

9. Scrunched up notes. Can you please not? We are busy and I cannot be bothered to waste extra seconds of my time to unravel your rotten £10 note. 

10. Don’t order a drink and then walk away. We have personal wastage and twats like you do not help our wastage. 

11. Be more specific when you ask for a drink. Don’t start be saying “I’ll have a beer” because that’s really helpful…

12. Dont winge at me when I tell you the total. Or say “how much!?” Once again Im just doing my job, I didn’t create the prices. 

13. When you can evidently see me cleaning up (obviously off service) yet my other co-workers availbkentomserve. Do not make a B line to me. I am closing my station down. 

14. If the music is particularly loud please speak up. I can’t hear you if you whisper or what looks like miming your order to me. 

15. If you have been standing at the bar for 5+ minutes please have your order ready when I get to you.