15 Mother’s Day at Home Ideas for Lockdown 2021

Can anybody remember Mother’s Day 2020? It was one day before Boris took over our TV screens announcing we must now “do more” ordering us to stay home and that was it. The lockdown life began, and here we are (almost) a year later still in lockdown, well lockdown number 3 to be painfully precise.
Can you believe it? It’s been the longest and shortest year at the same time!

That was last year, this is this year.

Mother’s Day this year falls on March the 14th (a Sunday of course, you don’t need to look that one up on your calendar). With just over a week to go I’ve put together a guide which will definitely give you some ideas how to treat your Mum this year. In a normal circumstance Mother’s Day would be celebrated going out for lunch, having some drinks at the pub or even having the family round for a big family meal and get together. But if anything 2020 has taught us to be more grateful for those around us and that is why I’ve complied together 15 cute and thoughtful things to do for your mum that she will love regardless.

1. Have an at home pamper night together
If your mum has been working from home recently then she might need to relax. It can’t be easy having your peaceful work free home turned into office practically overnight, so take her mind off her feeling like she’s always in the office and allow her to unwind in great style. A pamper night would also be really beneficial if you mum is in the house a lot, due to lockdown, I know a lot of people are struggling with switching off and being carefree at the moment; a pamper night should solve that issue nicely.

For an ultimate pamper night I suggest getting in some face masks, foot masks, nose pore strips, maybe even a foot spa if you own one of those, get the candles lit, bring out the nail varnish colours, play the relaxing music and truly unwind together. Your skin will look and feel incredible and your mum will be glowing from the inside out.

2. Create a scrapbook or a slideshow movie of pictures and memories together
Lockdown has enforced everyone to dig through their old photos, don’t lie – lockdown 1 we all done it. So why not dig through them again, get some copied and make a wonderful scrapbook or upload them online to make a slideshow movie to play your mum.

3. Have a home-made brunch date together (in person or on Zoom)
This one can work both in person and over Zoom. Buy in some goodies, if you’re Zooming then drop off the same items at your mum’s house and sit back have a chat together eating some delicious food. Also, if you’re Zooming, you get to eat all the food yourself, no having to share!

4. Do the chores for her
This one is especially good if you are messy around the house and you know you could do more. Your mum will love sitting back and enjoying the comfort knowing her house is immaculately clean without her moving a muscle.

5. Bring her breakfast in bed
This is a traditional one for all the old fashioned people out there, but who doesn’t dream of having breakfast in bed? When I was younger I used to surprise my mum by waking her up with a croissant and a glass of orange juice at around 9am, I bet she loved that, ha!

6. Have a games day/night
Get connected and slightly competitive together by pulling out the old board games. I’m talking Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life all of those old classics that will give your mum a little bit of nostalgia as well as having a whole load of entertainment away from a screen, yeah, keep the phones out of it!

7. Make a hamper and fill it with your Mum’s favourite things
This could be such a good idea and you could take it in so many different ways. Fill it with old school cd’s or dvd’s of films and music you know your mum loved or you could fill it with her favourite sweet treats for ultimate comfort. Personally, I think I would fill it in with lots of skincare goodies and products to keep her going through the rest of this lockdown, but the world is your oyster.

8. Cook her her favourite meal
Mum does all your cooking? Return the favour and spoil her! Even if she doesn’t cook for you now, think of all the times she did when you were younger and growing up. If you can’t be together this Mother’s Day then cook her her favourite meal and drop it round hers! The gesture is huge and she will appreciate it for a fact!

9. Flowers
Flowers may seem like the most obvious choice and you will notice everyone in the supermarkets next week carrying around a bunch of flowers in their arms. I’m pretty sure all Mother’s love flowers, it’s like a code for saying “I love you, you’re appreciated and you’re the best”. Guaranteed to whack a humongous smile on her face, who can resist?

10. Get your alcohol juices flowing and have a cocktail making evening
This one is for the creative mum and of course the mum who loves to have a drink (or three). Nothing screams fun more than having a cocktail making night. Think of being in a bar, but it being significantly cheaper and with less crowds – thank god because of uhm, Covid. Have a little Google search for some interesting cocktail recipes, or you know hunt through Pinterest because that’s like a black hole when it comes to looking for inspiration for literally anything.

11. Make her a book of all of the reasons why you love your mum
Hands up who has seen this suggestion when scrolling through Pinterest… It’s such a cute gesture to do though and you can recycle this idea for literally anybody in your life.

13. Do a homemade afternoon tea
Loads of restaurants and cafes are offering this service, so if you prefer to purchase from a small business then go ahead and order up. If not then you can pop to your local supermarket and pick up scones (not forgetting jam and clotted cream), sandwich fillers, cakes, etc and plate up your own little DIY afternoon tea for the pair of you, how typically English. Serve with a pot of tea or if you’re feeling boozy a bottle of Bucks Fizz or pop the Prosecco to mark the occasion.

14. Get cosy with a movie night
Who doesn’t love a movie night? For this I’m thinking of popping on the pj’s, cosying up on the sofa with a blanket and a lit candle, put out some snacky food giving you the ultimate comfort and maybe even order a takeaway to give your night some oomph.
P.S Be a nice child and let your mum pick the movies. It’s her day after all.

15. Note down everything you want to do together once lockdown is over
I think this is one of my favourite suggestions purely because it will lift both of your moods thinking of the future and what you want to do together. Get a notepad and pen and have a conversation of the things you’ve missed the most during lockdown and any places and things you want to do once we are free and safe again. Remember this will not last forever, and it will give you a little bit of motivation of things to save for to make the second half of 2021 a much better, positive year.

So, that is the end of my 15 suggestions and I really hope I have given you some form of inspiration, I’ve rattled my little brain thinking of ideas for you, so I am sure something will be of your flavour.

What are you thinking of doing this Mother’s Day?


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