Cosy Winter Walks

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When it’s snowing you’ve just got to go for a walk, it’s like Instagram’s first winter law, or so you would have thought scrolling through my feed last week.

Yes, the whole of the UK was blessed with snow for numerous days and as snow is rare in the UK and rain stays prolific you’ve just got to take advantage of the situation and pull out those winter cosies and take a little stroll in the snow.

Personally, I love the snow. I just think everywhere looks and feels so magical when there is white on the ground. On an evening everywhere is so much lighter and you feel safer if you’ve got to venture out on foot in the dark. I only wish it was snowing heavy in December because I would absolutely love a proper white Christmas. I’ve not been lucky enough to experience one quite yet. Here in Newcastle it actually snowed a little on Christmas Eve which lay lightly on the ground, but not in the quantity as it did recently. If it’s going to snow it might as well snow big time, right? Can you imagine all of the photos circulating around social media if we had a white Christmas? Truly magical.

Let’s move onto what I wore to venture out into the snow. Thinking you want to be practical and look sensible to those who you may pass by, but at the same time you still want to look and feel chic as hell because if I’m leaving the house you’ll freaking know about it. Plastered all over my social media’s like an advertisement.

If you know me you’ll know I LOVE my teddy bear faux fur jacket – it really is one of the comfiest and cosiest jackets I currently own. It keeps me comfortably warm so as soon as those temperatures drop it’s making an appearance that’s for sure! It has become a staple in my wardrobe and I plan outfits around the coat, very VIP of me. Under the coat is an oversized mint green hoodie because you can literally add layers upon layers in the winter, layering is so chic and it keeps you extra cosy too – hence the checked scarf draped down the front just for the added extra pizazz!

Ive teamed up this look with leggings because they’re comfy and also a lot nicer to wear if they end up getting wet from any deep snow. Wet denim is a massive hate of mine and I couldn’t cope being out in the snow in wet denim, oh and the wet patches too; they’re never cute.

Have you ever been out in the snow when the sun is also shining? It’s asking to be dazzled, so I pulled out my YSL sunnies for the occasion because they’ve not seen sunshine in a long long time being cooped up in the house they needed fresh air too. So the sunnies are out and they’re here to stay.

Just a reminder that none of the links above are affiliate links or sponsored in any way. I’ve just been kind to do a lil online similar shopping for you, just incase you wanted to get this look for yourself.

Pom Pom Knit Beanie | Shein | £4.99
SL 451 Sunglasses | YSL | £280
Tan Faux Fur Teddy Bear Jacket | Cult Collection | £45.99
Green Hooded Top | H&M | £12.99
Check Woven Scarf | Boohoo | £10
Embossed Leather Bag | YSL | £1415
High Waisted Leggings | Very | £15
White Gold Embellished Trainers | Office | £42

Have you been for any winter walks in the snow? What did you wear?


6 thoughts on “Cosy Winter Walks

    • CarlyTamara says:

      It’s so warm I’ve not been without it this winter. Oh really!? We have been pretty lucky (or unlucky depending on whether you like snow or not) because we have had a fair bit this year, which is unusual for us really xx


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