AD | My Lockdown Look With Femme Luxe Finery

AD – This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery – The items featured in this post were kindly gifted to me but all words and opinions are my own.

Who would have thought going into 2021 we would STILL be in lockdown? Like seriously, you’d think someone up in the big heavens is playing a massive joke on us. But no, here are are – middle of February, almost. a year since those words “we must do more” which plummeted us into a downward spiral of in lockdown, out of lockdown, then back in lockdown… Here we are as lockdown 3 continues I honestly don’t think I could be any more grateful for Femme Luxe Finery. For almost a year they have really set me up with some amazing lockdown outfits (when I say outfits I mean loungewear sets because who’s really dressing up to stay in, nowadays? That was so last year).

I have been ever so lucky to yet again pick more items from their collection to wear and review. There is a loungewear God, and he loves me. Once again, Femme Luxe have completely blown all expectations out of the water and really served the goods when it comes to being comfortable as hell and looking and feeling hella fine too.

White ‘La Femme’ Slogan Print T-Shirt – Rayna
Stone High Waisted Seam Cuffed Joggers – Roxy

I love a good statement slogan t-shirt. They do exactly what they claim to do on the tin; create a statement. I’ve very rarely left the house in a statement t-shirt and received no compliments, it’s there to grab your attention and what about a giant pair of lips smacked on your midriff won’t grab anyone’s attention? I believe they are a perfect staple in any wardrobe, they will never go out of fashion and more importantly, the classic slogan t-shirt paired with dressy jeans and a pair of heels will never not be anything short of chic. More importantly how versatile is a t-shirt like this? You can pair a statement t-shirt with literally anything and it will always pay off.

I’ve paired the t-shirt with a pair of the comfiest stone high waisted cuffed joggers in my existence. I love it when a pair of trousers feel as cosy and comfortable as pyjamas but they’re not. You know when you can laze around in the house all day (aka working from home) in your comfies, yet if you do need to pop out for something you don’t need to change clothes because you are already acceptably dressed!

Stone Knitted Long Cardigan – June

If you want to feel like a Princess stuck in lockdown then I would highly recommend this knitted long cardigan. It trails behind me when I’m walking down my stairs like I’m off to a fancy ball instead of the kitchen for another cup of tea and a pack of chocolate Digestives. Or maybe it just tails the stairs because I’m a pretty tiny 5ft 3 – either way I love how I feel when I’m wearing in it.

Lets talk about the colour ‘stone’. I’m actually in love with the colour, you may know from scrolling through social media that stone, beige and creams are a massive YES for 2021. The more beige the better, because beige is no longer boring, and in fact I can envision lots of Spring fashion colour palettes including those colours, so why not jump on trend early and be one of the first to be pictured.

Black Crew Neck Cropped Sweatshirt & High Waisted Cuffed Joggers – Annekke

This outfit choice is by far the most daring outfits I’ve chosen in a long while, but it’s turned out to be one of my favourites. Cropped is a word that usually haunts me, but I thought I’d bite the bullet and try it out anyways because if you never shoot you never know. I opted for the loungewear set with a seam detail cropped sweatshirt and high waisted cuffed joggers, I chose black because I find black is more slimming and with the top being cropped I felt I needed all the help I could gather at this point.

I’m actually really taken aback by the top, especially. It is elasticated at the bottom of the top so it really sits nicely on your body without it riding up or feeling the need to tug it down every 5 seconds. When my arm isn’t raised in the air like the poser that I am, the top sits just nicely above the joggers as they themselves are high waisted. I would highly recommend this set for someone who doesn’t want to show off too much skin but still wants to wear something cropped, it shows off a subtle amount of skin which is actually pretty charming.

I am a huge fan of Femme Luxe’s loungewear and you would rarely see me during this lockdown in anything other than their loungewear. I’ve not received any clothing from Femme Luxe which I haven’t automatically fallen in love with.

What do you think of the items I’ve picked?

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