7 Things To Do If You’re Single & Sad on Valentine’s Day

Spending this Valentines Day alone and you feel you’re comparing this year’s situation to previous happier times? If so, I think it’s important this year to forget that it’s Valentine’s day and to think of Sunday just as another regular Sunday, because really, it is just another day!

When you’re single you often feel like you’re the only person in the whole world without a partner. I personally cannot wait to see my Instagram feed full of pictures of roses, home cooked meals and extravagant gifts… This year doesn’t bother me as much because it will be my second Valentines Day as being single, but I remember last year kind of dreading the day and being reminded that I am in fact alone. That’s why I have put together a little guide of things to do this Sunday just to take your mind off the fact you may not be getting a secret admirer card through the post, or if you do it’s probably off your gran!

1. Start a new TV series
What better way to forget what’s going on in the world than by getting lost in a new tv series? There’s so many new shows being put on Netflix at the moment I’m sure there is something for everyone on there to start. Maybe just avoid some slushy loved up content if you’re feeling particularly down on the day. I personally recommend Night Stalker, that’ll have you thinking of everything other than love!

2. Bake your favourite sweet treat
Sometimes food does just fill a void and what I am saying is take advantage of Valentines Day to indulge in some sweet treat goodies! Look up a recipe for your favourite cake or brownie and get your Mary Berry on! Disadvantage to baking is all the washing up you have to partake in if you don’t own a dishwasher, but think of how delicious and happy your belly will be when you’re tucking into whatever you’ve baked, yum!

3. Zoom or FaceTime your friends
Assuming your friends aren’t loved up with their other halves that is, why not get the friends on zoom and have a night chatting and catching up with one another? Grab a bottle of wine and get online to them! I lose hours when I catch up with my friends and they certainly take my mind off any problems or stresses I’m facing currently. Take a little trip down memory lane and chat about things you have done in the past or any trouble you got yourselves into!

4. Escape reality by delving into a book
Nothing allows you to escape reality as much as a good book does, leave your life behind and follow the story of another. Getting under a blanket and being cosy with a good book sounds like a great way to spend some time to me.

5. Go outdoors
It’s a well known fact that spending time outdoors boosts your mood, and going outside is free so make the most of it! We are appreciating the outdoors so much more since being in lockdown, so why not spend some time going on a nice scenic walk if you’re lucky enough to have some scenery nearby you, oh and if the weather is good that is!

6. Have an evening of self pampering
Pamper nights are my speciality and something I love doing at the best of times I don’t need an excuse to have one on the regular which is why I am recommending you to have one. Run yourself a bath with plenty bubbles or a bath bomb and put on some of your favourite music to enjoy and sing along to whilst bathing. Afterwards apply a face mask, I recommend a foot mask too, and perhaps paint your nails. Do anything and everything you can to make yourself look and feel good, you’ll thank yourself.

7. Treat yourself to your favourite takeaway
Food is happiness, can we all agree on that, yeah? Which is why I couldn’t stress enough how much takeaways cheer up the soul. It’s good for you (well not health wise obvs). Get onto Just Eat and get ordering your favourite cuisine to tuck into!

How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Either way it’s such a different occasion this year for everybody so making sure you look after yourself is important!

Keep your chin up, better days are ahead!


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