Perfect TV Shows To Escape From Lockdown 3.0

With us spending more time than ever stuck indoors I think TV has never been as important. Therefore we have to make sure we have plenty of series to binge on, not only just to pass some time, but to stop our minds from wandering down a rabbit hole of misery and overthinking thoughts.

I’ve put together a little list of TV shows that I personally recommend, as well as some of the TV shows on my ‘to watch’ list – warning a lot of them are reality TV shows because apparently I’m like addicted to other people’s lives or whatever…

But anyways, let’s get onto it!

A Teacher – BBC iPlayer
A new teacher joins a school and starts an affair with a student after agreeing to tutor him. Be prepared for a rollercoaster of feelings as their affair progresses and others around them start to get a little suspicious of what’s happening.
I am recommending this purely because it’s been one of the very few shows I have been addicted to, and when I say addicted I mean cannot pull my eyes away from the screen. In fact, I watched the whole series in one sitting, but with half an hour episodes it’s hard not to, right? Or am I just trying to make myself feel a little better…

Celebs Go Dating – Channel 4 on Demand & Netflix
With the latest series kicking off what better way to catch up on previous series (there’s a fair few of them) or make yourself feel a little better about your own love life than watching celebrities struggle with theirs. Just think yourself lucky we are in a lockdown so we can’t have any of those awkward first meeting conversation

Benidorm – Netflix
Now this TV show could be bittersweet if you’re craving a holiday – I think we all are in some way or another, yeah? But Benidorm is such easy viewing if you’re having a tough day or wanting cheered up, the older series are the most comical in my opinion, but they never fail to make me smile no matter how many times I watch them over. Anyone fancy a karaoke sesh in Neptunes?

The Circle USANetflix
We missed out over here in the UK in a series in 2020 due to Covid, but fear not because we can watch the American version until we get another series! Because who’s dream isn’t it to watch a bunch of people locked in an apartment each whilst we are locked in our houses ourselves? What a dream series!

Night Stalker – Netflix
I’m only two episodes into this series as of late, but boy am I scared to sleep in the dark now. I think real life crime creeps me out the most, especially when the crimes are so far fetched and down right scary as hell. I wouldn’t recommend you watch this if you live on your own or if you are easily scared. Oh, and put the lights on when you got to the toilet through the night… Just pre-warning ya!

It’s A Sin – Channel 4 on Demand
Quite possibly one of the most talked about TV shows as of late so if you’ve not heard of it – where the hell have you been!? It’s A Sin has such important messages of the discovery of Aids and HIV back in the 80’s following a group of homosexual friends we are taken on a journey of their life and how it’s all about to change. I’m finding this miniseries extremely educational and just down right fascinating, all episodes have been uploaded on the Channel 4 website if you want a binge, but they are played weekly on a Friday at 9pm so I am watching the series the good old fashioned way because it fills in an hour on an usually boring Friday night.

Cheat – ITV Hub
This programme is on my to watch list, I’ve saw bits of it on Gogglebox and you know when you just know you need to watch a programme, well this is that to me. It’s about a tense and extremely messed up relationship between a University lecturer and a student when the lecturer fails the student for suspected cheating, the student seeks for revenge.

Don’t Tell The Bride – Channel 4 on Demand & Netflix
Remember this huge throwback from like 2011? Naive fiancé’s putting their trust in their partner to rustle up her dream wedding, when in reality she’s getting a bucking bronco and a muddy field. Well all episodes have been uploaded, including some episodes from 2020. Yeah right, I don’t remember seeing those advertised either. Anyways, it’s easy watching and funny to watch when it isn’t your life!

What TV series are you currently binging? I’d love to be recommended anything I’ve not previously mentioned. Give me something gritty and addictive to watch!


One thought on “Perfect TV Shows To Escape From Lockdown 3.0

  1. Ellie Phillips says:

    I love don’t tell the bride and when i saw it was on Netflix i added it straight to my list, i find it a show to just rewatch when i cant find anything else! I need to watch the circle USA cause i loved the UK version when it was on a couple years ago!


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