AD | Carfume – The Luxurious Air Freshener for Every Car Owner?

*The item featured in this post has been very kindly gifted to me, but all words and views are my own. Links are not affiliate

This year I have tried my best to give as much exposure to small businesses as I possibly can. 2020 has been rough for all businesses so if I can drive one sale to a small business then I would class that a success! So when I was approached by Carfume and asked to review their product, honestly, I jumped at the opportunity given to me. I had not heard of Carfume beforehand so I was intrigued as to who they are and what they are about.

So, who are Carfume?

Carfume is a fairly new business, they started up in 2019 with a main focus to enhancing their customer’s driving experience by ensuring their car smells incredible at all times! They want their customer to drive happy with their fragrance choice whether it be a perfume to match their favourite scent, or if they want to set a seasonal tone. There is a luxurious Carfume scent fit for all customer preferences.

Carfume’s scents are made in the UK and they are 100% recyclable, which is always great knowing they’re environment friendly! Plus, their scents are said to be mood enhancing – so y’know this could be the perfect gift for that certain somebody in your life who suffers with road rage!?

When it comes to Christmas scents I’m always a big fan, any scent, you name it I’m a fan of it! I love anything that reminds me of Christmas and that gets me in the festive spirit. So I was over the moon when my Carfume arrived and it was the Limited Edition Christmas Special and it’s scent is…. Gingerbread! I had secretly hoped it would be a Christmas scented freshener with it being this time of year.

This smell instantly makes you feel you’re in a warm cosy bakery, smelling the fresh aroma. This Carfume freshener is made up of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla blended together to create this sweet and beautiful aroma that really warms your nose with one whiff.

If you are buying any of the fresheners as a Christmas gift there are some amazing customisable options. You pick your Christmas scent which are Christmas Tree, Gingerbread or Christmas Spice. You then move onto the next option where you decide the colour ranging from blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, and green – so you can choose the receiver’s favourite colour making this gift perfect for a man, as we all know, they’re famously hard to buy for! Finally, you can choose to have the gift arrive in a gift bag which is great if you’re getting the gift sent directly to the receiver. I know the restrictions have made it hard for people to meet up to exchange gifts this year, so knowing their present could arrive ready straight to their door is a massive weight load off your shoulders!

How do you use Carfume?

In the Carfume box comes the bottle, complete with a cork lid and the rope attached to hang the freshener from your wing mirror, which you can adjust and tie at your preferred length, and a small bottle containing the scent of your choice, in my case, Gingerbread.

1. Squeeze all of the liquid from the refill bottle into the Carfume bottle.
2. Screw the cork back onto the Carfume bottle tightly to ensure it will not come off.
3. Gently shake the bottle and hold it upside down for 5 – 10 seconds until you see the tip of the cork start to darken.
4. Hang your Carfume bottle up inside your car!

To keep the fragrance from releasing it is recommended to keep tipping the bottle upside for 5 – 10 seconds every 5 to 7 days.

Overall, I’m really impressed with Carfume, and I didn’t think I would be. I thought an air freshener is an air freshener, they’re all the same. How wrong was I? As soon as I opened the packaging I was amazed at how strong smelling the bottle is and I instantly knew I had a gingerbread one before reading the box. The packaging is really special and you just know Carfume are a luxurious brand. The bottle looks so stylish and is a perfect stocking filler for Christmas!

Don’t drive, or know anybody who does drive? Don’t worry! Carfume also do Homefume specialising in air freshners, wax melts and diffusers perfect for filling your home with your luxurious choice of scent.

Who will you be treating the gift of Carfume to this Christmas?

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