27 Christmas Movies to Watch to Unwind from 2020

Lets all talk a little bit about how awful 2020 has been. I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty hard to wind down and switch off nowadays and I think it’s because of how up and down this year has been. We’re in lockdown, we’re out of it, we’re in tiered systems, we’re back in lockdown, we’re out of it, we’re being moved up in tiers, we’re worrying about a third lockdown coming up in 2021 which nobody wants. I don’t know but I feel mentally and emotionally drained after this year.

Rant over.

Do you know the one thing that does allow me to switch off from the world though? Festive Christmas Movies.

Who doesn’t love snuggling down on the sofa with a blanket to a good Christmas movie complete with snacks and a hot chocolate or two? I’ve not heard of anybody state they are not a fan of that scenario.

So, I’m sharing with you all _____ Christmas movies that will help you turn off from the world for a good hour and a half, or more!

1. Christmas With The Kranks
2. Elf
3. Nativity!
4. Dr Seuss’ The Grinch
5. Jingle All The Way
6. Home Alone
7. Jack Frost
8. Last Christmas
9. The Holiday
10. The Gremlins
11. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
12. Deck The Halls
13. Miracle on 34th Street
14. Love Actually
15. Home Alone 3 (doesn’t star the expected cast, but it’s still a good film)
16. A Christmas Carol
17. The Polar Express
18. The Nightmare Before Christmas
19. Home Alone 4 (not the best, but still worth a watch)
20. It’s A Wonderful Life
21. Die Hard (is this a Christmas film, really?)
22. The Santa Clause
23. Frozen
24. Holidate
25. Disney’s A Christmas Carol
26. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
27. Arthur Christmas

Do you think I have missed any from the list that you would include? I know what people determine a Christmas film or not can create quite a stir!


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