Cash For Kids Mission Christmas 2020

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Cash For Kids is a organisation that supports children throughout the UK who are affected by poverty, neglect, abuse, life-limiting illnesses and those who have additional needs.

Every Christmas they hold a charity event called Mission Christmas where they ask the public to buy and donate presents for children, like we are Santa ourselves for those 1 in 3 children who risk waking up without anything to open on Christmas.

It breaks my heart to think there are still children in this day and age who will wake up on Christmas Day without any gifts under their tree. Every child deserves to have a present. So, I am using my platform to raise awareness of this organisation and how I am helping out this year.

Cash For Kids asks for you to buy and donate a gift for a child, or if you would prefer, you can give a cash donation to the charity.

2020 has been an absolute stinker of a year for everybody, so it breaks my heart even more to know that even more children will suffer this year compared to previous years. I just knew I had to get involved and help out as much as I possibly can.

Whilst I was doing my Christmas shopping I wondered into the children’s toy aisles to see what stores had, and I decided to buy a couple bits each week so it doesn’t feel like you’re spending a chunk of money at once if you stagger it out over several weeks. I know Christmas can be a struggle financially for a lot of people so I found staggering out easier for myself.

I just want to point out that you can donate as much or as little as you like, there is no pressure into what you have to donate, I obviously donated several items, but my grandma also bought some of the items pictured, so together we didn’t spend that much.

The majority of the gifts were from Home Bargains. They have some great items and are so affordable, too. It’s important to remember that the children who receive these gifts will be thrilled, so to you, it might not look like a lot, but to them it means so much more.

Here are the items I picked up for young children:

The two books I absolutely love, one is a music press button interactive book which will keep the attention of toddlers whilst they’re singing along to the popular nursery rhyme if you’re happy and you know it. Who didn’t love that song as a child?! And the other book is a more educational, fun book with lots of activities and things to do which will keep the child motivated and entertained whilst learning without realising! Learning can be made fun.

A cute and cuddly teddy bear with four colouring pens to colour in and make patterns to really personalise the bear. If I wasn’t 26 I think I would have some fun creating a cute look.

And finally, a fun and crafty shark and dinosaur mask making kit!

Here are the items bought for the older and teenage children:

I find this age category easier to buy for, especially because I remember what I would have liked myself at that age so all of the items are actually beauty and cosmetics.

An Impulse body spray set containing several of their popular scents as well as the cute bag they come in which is perfect for a travel bag, or even keeping bits and bobs in.

A nail care kit with glittery emery, nail filing board and three nail varnishes; two glitters and one plain in a grey colour.

Lip gloss trio set in nude, dark red and plum which are perfect for the winter months!

A winter scented Nivea body care set complete with a body lotion, lip balm and a moisturiser.

And finally, a Technic mini makeup set with nail varnish, smoky eyeshadow palette and a lipgloss.

There are lots of different drop off points for the gifts to be handed into such as specific Tesco and B&M stores as well as any branch of Benson’s for Beds and Wickes, but just a reminder please leave the gifts unwrapped so the charity know what age range they are for.

If you are interested in getting involved, the gifts need to be handed in by Friday December 18th in order to get the gifts sorted into age groups and gender categories before being sent out to the children.

I always think it is important to help out those who are in need, but more so this year. I am lucky enough to never have needed to rely on a charity like this, but unfortunately not everybody is as lucky, so it is always important to stay humble and help out when you can.


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