Small Business Gift Guide

2020 has been a really tough year, especially on small businesses who rely on their shops on the high street and online being open and orders coming in regularly to generate a wage and to keep the business afloat. Which is why all of the items in today’s gift guide are from small businesses I really want the spotlight to shine on this Christmas period!

It’s really important to support local and small businesses so when you are shopping this month, keep in mind of those small businesses where you can pick up personalised and quirky goods that you typically cannot find in large shops and retailers. So I have been a busy busy bee putting together this gift guide for you all so you can support some great small businesses!

1. Hueniverse Art

Aina is such a talented artist from the Philippines her artwork includes edgy statement pieces to soft and dreamy scenarios, I find myself just gazing into the depth of her work which really makes you think into why she has captured what she has captured. Her work is sure to brighten up and bring some real style to a plain wall.

Who is this perfect for? Anybody who is into edgy art and sketches.

My personal favourite? Golden Hour framed print. If I could live in a scene, I would pick that one!

2. GraceEtcCandles

Grace is based in London and she creates hand poured candles available in a wide range of scents. Everybody is bound to love at least one available! Her candles are vegan friendly, made out of soy wax, and they are also cruelty free. How amazing is that!?

Who is this perfect for? That candles lover in your life. Let’s face it, we are surrounded by them!

My personal favourite? Movie Night scented candle. Popcorn scented and cosy vibes? I’m sold!

3. Dragon-Scale

Aakash is a digital artist from India, bringing the depths of art to the surface, starting firstly with portraits but has now put his own stamp on his artwork giving him his own style. His work is available on clothes, phone cases, stickers, notebooks and as prints.

Who is this perfect for? People who love artwork that makes you think into a deeper meaning than what meets the surface.

My personal favourite? Planet realm – Sitting alone and lonely spiral notebook. The colours are so eye catching and I feel the image unconsciously represents a lot of people in this day and age.

4. ConstellationCo

ConstellationCo is a Manchester based business selling high quality (and not forgetting) super cute necklaces and small hoop earrings. Owner, Cally gains inspiration from the zodiac, stars and the galaxy so all of the jewellery are out of this world and super dreamy!

Who is this perfect for? The zodiac fanatic in your life.

My personal favourite? Luna moon & stars coin pendant necklace, purely because I love anything to do with the moon.

5. Momentarily Picturesque

Abi creates positive affirmation cards perfect little stocking fillers to remind the women in your life who deserve to feel great about themselves and know they’re doing a great job! As well as selling art prints and personalised drawings there is a perfect mixture of artistic goodies available in her shop.

Who is this perfect for? The person you know who needs a little bit of extra positivity.

My personal favourite? Personal affirmation cards for kids! How cute?!

6. York Cocoa House

Starting from her own kitchen, Sophie has managed to open up one of York’s most loved shops, York Cocoa House along with her business partner, Michelle. Their journey was set out to celebrate York’s chocolate heritage by making chocolate by hand and now working with some of the most amazing cocoas from around the world, giving York Cocoa House it’s amazing reputation.

Who is this perfect for? The chocoholic!

My personal favourite? Anything white chocolate, my absolute favourite!

7. Indigo Rosee Beauty

Indigo Rose Beauty is a beauty business selling false eyelashes as singles or as part of a bundle. Owner, Tori started off her business with three pairs of lashes and now she has over 10 pairs on offer! She also sells kits to those who are starting off with lashes and need all the equipment to apply them properly.

Who is this perfect for? Somebody who loves beauty, or even someone who wants to start off using lashes

My personal favourite? The Glam Edit – a bundle of 3 types of lashes.

8. Needle & Stitch

During the pandemic, Paulina lost her job, but turned her negative situation into a positive and decided to start something meaningful and creative. So in this time she started Needle & Stitch selling handmade felt key rings, and now Christmas ornaments for the tree.

Who is this perfect for? The creative person in your life who would appreciate a crafty gift

My personal favourite? The little star with sprinkles

9. Zen Melts

Zen Melts sells a highly scented wax melts, soap sponges, bath fizzers and bath salts. They also offer bundle packages containing a number of different items for different prices.

Who is this perfect for? Fans of scented items

My personal favourite? The Mrs Hinch wax melt box, wax melts shaped as Minky and Scrub Daddy, etc!

10. ATCosmetics

Owners Niki and Tasha created ATCosmetics creating vegan friendly and cruelty free cosmetics such as lip glosses and lip scrubs and accessories such as false lashes.

Who is this perfect for? The cosmetic lover

My personal favourite? Athena lipgloss

11. AlicexLizzy

Alice Lizzy is based in Nottingham and she runs a popular small business selling handmade polyclay earrings and keyrings. She makes all of her products herself taking on the hard and timely work of baking the clay, rolling, cutting and sanding each earring.

Who is this perfect for? The fashion forward person in your life who likes to wear quirky and different items.

My personal favourite? Circular Polka Dot Clay earrings with Light Blue Tassels. They’re so cute!

12. Bubble Trouble

Lauren has always had a love of bath bombs, but suffering from sensitive skin she struggled to find products that didn’t irritate her skin. After some research she created her own recipe and Bubble Trouble was born. All of her bath bombs are vegan friendly and cruelty free, and her packaging is 100% Eco-friendly!

Who is this perfect for? People who suffer from sensitive skin, and those who love bath luxuries!

My personal favourite? Starry Night, it’s so dreamy with a beautiful blend of colours.

So, that’s it for this years small business gift guide, there is a wide range on this guide with something for everybody! Remember, 2020 has been a really tough year on smaller businesses with a lot being out of business for the best part of this year so think about shopping small this year.


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