My 2020 Christmas Wishlist

Hey lovelies and welcome to Blogmas Day 3! I thought I would put together a piece featuring items that I would like for Christmas this year. There are a few items that I have very kindly asked [Santa] for and some items that I think I will treat myself to now Lockdown 2.0 is over.

I don’t expect anything or everything that’s on this list. I just thought I’d put together some items that I’d love to get my hands on just for a little bit of fun!

  1. Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturiser Balm £69
    I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos lately and this moisturiser has been mentioned a few times, specifically videos on how to get glowing dewy skin. I’ve been prone to stick to more matte looks in the past, and I don’t know if it’s got something to do with my age but I’m now swaying more towards wanting to look more refreshed and dewy. I just think it would be nice to have that option when I wake up on a morning and decide whether I want to be matte or dewy and then I can take on the world whatever my decision.
  2. Victoria Secret Aqua Mist Fragrance Mist £15
    I’m a massive fan of the Victoria Secret mists I think they’re so divine. I currently own a shimmer mist which is extremely shimmery, but I want to try out just a plain mist too. Naturally I get attracted to the most summery looking bottle there possibly there. Doesn’t it look like a swimming pool in a bottle?
  3. Mac Spice Lip Pencil £15.50
    Doesn’t it seem like an age ago since we didn’t have to wear face masks whilst out and about? I can’t remember the last time I wore lip products that wasn’t a lip balm. I’m dreaming of wearing lipstick and glosses again and when I do I want to try out the stunning shade “spice”.
  4. Body Shop Boston Astilbe Colour Crush Lipstick £8
    I think brown nudes are my favourite lip shade, and given how reasonably priced the Body Shop products are compared to more high end brands I want to see if this lipstick is anything to write home about.
  5. The 1975 NOACF cap £30
    I’ve been really getting into wearing caps lately they can really complete a casual outfit and they also hide your hair when it’s needing done or if. you’re having a bad day. Moving on from branded caps to more banded caps – get it?
  6. Glitter Bobble Leather Purse £89
    I had a Ted Baker purse several years ago and although they’re expensive I was extremely surprised with it’s quality, not to mention it’s longevity, it literally lasted me years so it’s worth every penny in my eyes.
  7. 1460 Bex Dr Martens Boots £169
    My style has been changing lately and I’ve been into wearing more of what I want rather than trying to fit a style. I love how Dr Martens go with a large majority of clothes and can give a cute look more of an edge. Apparently they’re a killer to wear them in though, I think that’s the only thing putting me off.
  8. Black Bucket Bag £35
    If you know me you’ll know I have a slight obsession with bags, when I’m in a shop I just can’t help myself but get drawn towards the bag section, like a moth to a flame. You can’t go wrong with a bucket bag either and surprisingly, it’s a type of bag I do not yet own..
  9. Velvet Stool £19.99
    Filming YouTube videos in a rather small bedroom is harder than I originally thought. I don’t have many places to sit in my room other than my floor or my bed so I thought getting a little stool that can be easily stored in my room and brought out when I’m ready to film would be ideal. Never thought I’d think and want a little stool in my life so badly… Does this made me an adult now?
  10. The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask £22
    I was given a sample of this product a little while ago in store. If you didn’t know, I have extremely dry skin and suffer from rosacea which is a daily battle to get under control. When trying out the sample I really liked how it made my skin feel so it’s a product I would like to keep on using to see how it helps me with my rosacea battle. Armour at the ready!
  11. Heart Padlock Choker £8
    I’ve been loving chokers again so much! I love that you can get them in all kind of styles, cute and girly or more goth like vibes, which is what this one is. Come on, how many necklaces have you seen that can only be opened with a key? Knowing my luck I’d lose the key and I’ll be begging people for help on Twitter how to get it off. Watch this space!
  12. Maddison Beer Eyeshadow Palette £22
    As well as having a bag addiction I have a makeup addiction, specifically eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes! I’ve had my eye on this palette for a little while now though since it’s launch and I really want to get my hands on it.
  13. Penguin Dressing Gown £16
    Cosy nights are now upon us and there’s nothing sweeter than cuddling up on the settee for the night watching some TV in a fluffy dressing gown. How cute are the penguins though? They really make it for me!
  14. NYX Moon Glow High Glass Highlighter £9
    I’ve saw this highlighter popping all over on social media and don’t get me started at how long I stare at the swatches. Christmas is the perfect time to get your glam on with a gorgeous highlighter too!
  15. Smashbox Shine Lipgloss Trio £12.50
    I’m really fussy when it comes to gloss. I hate it when they’re overly sticky but I’m not happy if they’re not sticky enough and almost feel like they’re drying.. Does that make sense to anybody or am I being overly fussy now? But when I got a Smashbox lipgloss last year for my birthday it was perfect, and I love it so much I want to try out their other shades.
  16. Remington Hair Waver £39.99
    I’m pretty sure hair wavers of some sort are going to be on a lot of wish lists this year. I love waved hair and I think it will look really different on myself as I’m so used to always curling my hair. 2021 needs a lot of changes and I think that includes my hairstyle.
  17. Wireless Earbud Headphones £21
    Yeah AirPods are great, but if you can get more or less the same product but without having to spend mega money of them then you’re winning, right? If these headphones are as great as I’ve read then I’m onto a winner.
  18. Foot Spa and Massager £44.99
    I almost laugh at myself admitting that I want a foot spa for Christmas, sometimes I think I’ve gone to sleep and woken up 40 odd year old. I hate having sore feet though and being on them at work I think coming home to a foot spa sounds like absolute bliss.
  19. Morphe 35XO Natural Flirt Palette £24
    The nudes and the shimmers in this palette had me starry eyed, oh and I don’t own a nude palette either all my current palettes are bold, bright shades.
  20. Bohemian Drop Earrings £9
    I’ve saw these earrings in person in the shop and they’re so glittery and sparkly I just know they would really vamp up any outfit, especially a dressy one.
  21. My Dream Life Journal £10
    I’m really into journalling and I actually bought a bullet journal for this year which has been so handy to track my period trends, moods and sleeping habits. Shame I haven’t had anything exciting to add to it because nothing has been able to take place this year at all. Hopefully 2021 is a better year to journal.
  22. Grey Layered Choker £22
    Another chocker making an appearance into my wish list. Can anybody guess my favourite accessory at the moment?
  23. Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick £17.50
    I’ve been looking everywhere lately for a deep red lipstick that will be perfect to create a really glam makeup look. I have some bright red lipsticks but I’m looking for something a little deeper and how gorgeous is the shade Ruby Woo!? Lipstick sales are down this year too which is so sad.
  24. Nabla Eyeshadow Palette £21
    Such a cute and compact palette that is bursting with pigmentation and dazzling colours. I get excited even thinking of the looks I could create with this mini palette.

    And that my lovelies is my wish list for Christmas this year. What items do you have on yours?

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. You wont want to miss it!

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