Blogmas Day 1: Welcome To Blogmas!

And just like that we are into December already!

I’m not going to lie earlier this year after the longest 3 months in lockdown (number 1) I thought it would have taken forever to reach Christmas but we emerged in July and the next four months sped over and we are now counting down the days to Christmas.

The Christmas tree is up, earlier than usual I will admit that, and my first door on my chocolate advent calendar has been opened and devoured – fyi, you are never too old for an advent calendar!

December only means one thing in the blogging community… Blogmas. Because 2020 hasn’t been a challenging enough year, of course I’ve decided to push myself that little harder. After all, I’m so thankful that my blog is still here and so many people still give it a read!

So, lets have a little talk about Blogmas if you don’t already know what it is.

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is writing a Christmas themed post every single day to the lead up to Christmas Day itself.

A post every single day!?

That is correct! However, I have been keeping myself busy during lockdown, and two weeks of self isolation and I’ve managed to prep several posts early just to prevent myself from feeling overwhelmed, like I have in previous years – it’s not a fun feeling!

What content should I expect to see?

This is the fun part about Blogmas… anything Christmassy! From my favourite recipe, gift guides, product reviews and festive adventures my favourite time to read blogs is during Blogmas!

Excited? I sure am! Make sure you check back tomorrow at 11am BST to see tomorrow’s post where we can step right into Blogmas now the introduction is over!

Want to see more Christmas content? Check out my social media platforms linked below to see what I’m up to!

Lets get to know each other

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