3 Spells I Wish I Could Cast

We’ve all seen Aladin, and know how the genie works – Well I hope you have all seen Aladin or this next bit will go completely over your head. Three wishes can be granted from a special genie, but with Halloween almost here imagine if we had the power to cast our own spells and wishes on scenarios we want to change or better.

Obviously if which occurred in real life everybody would become a lot more selfish and there would be a lot more issues, but can you imagine how good it would be for us to get anything we want?

Na, me neither.

But if that could come true, here are the spells/wishes I wish I could cast.


1. Visiting hours to be made available for our lost ones
How amazing would it be to actually visit those loved ones we have lost in heaven. Almost like visiting hours in hospital… or, a prison. But our passed ones could come back and visit once in a while. It would be amazing to have a monthly catch up, and a conversation. Or even just one more hug that we have all been missing.

2. Those who bitch, slag or give any unwanted/unneeded comments become bald for 24 hours
I hate bitchy behaviour. It’s one of my pet peeves. There’s just no need for it at all. Having said that, bitchy behaviour doesn’t get anybody anywhere, so just leave it at home and stop it. I witness a lot of bitchy behaviour, so I would try to tackle the problem directly by creating a physical disadvantage if anybody partakes in such behaviour. So, if somebody in my circle or group bitches everybody else will know about it by their *ahem* noticeability.

3. Pets would live forever
I don’t think I need to go into much detail on this one because it’s so simple, and I’m almost certain everybody who has a pet will agree with me. Pets get to stay in our lives forever – or for as long as we live. I don’t want to go through heartbreak parting ways with my cat, so I will abolish such pain in the first place.

It’s such a shame I have to go back to muggle life now. I quite enjoyed thinking what I would do if I had such power. Maybe in another life.

What spells would you cast if you could? 


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