Halloween Events in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Now I’m older and I don’t have the privilege of going trick or treating anymore (mega sad face, I’m still deeply hurt about this) I need to find some fun alternatives to getting free sweets and chocolate, and I’m wondering in fact, if a fun alternative even exists. C’mon free sweets and chocolate just for knocking on people’s door is an amazing gift. Shame it becomes unacceptable to trick or treat when you hit 12.

I’ve been looking online for fun things to do leading up to Halloween in the Newcastle/North East area, because Halloween is fun and NOT just for children and I don’t think I should miss out on any fun this year.

What: Terror in the Trees 2.0
Beamish Hall Hotel, County Durham
Friday 12th – Sunday 14th October, Friday 19th – Sunday 21st October, Friday 26th – Wednesday 31st October
Price: £21 per person

With the promise of a terrifyingly good time Beamish Hall have put together a spooktacular event of wandering around the trees in the dark. I’ve heard some great things from friends who have attended this year. All I’m saying is, if you’re going, pack a spare pare of knickers!

What: The Halloween ball of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Where: Riverside, Newcastle
When: Wednesday 31st October
Price: From £8 plus booking fee

The Halloween ball is taking place at Riverside with pop and rock music surrounding the venues for a good old dance. Fancy dress is accepted and even the best costume wins Harry Potter and £100 in cash!

What: Bewitching bots
Where: Centre of Life Science Centre
When: Friday October 26th
Price: From £8 per person

Fancy taking part in some organ dissection? If so, this event is perfect for you! Due to the robot exhibition that is underway in the Life Centre this adult only event allows you to interactively play about with dissection. Afterwards, you can have some fun to a robot band.

What: Ghost hunting
Where: Newcastle castle
When: Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th October
Price: £50

A little pricey for some Halloween fun, but if you really want to get into the Halloween spirit then it doesn’t get much better than having an actual real life ghost hunt with RAG Paranormal Investigations! You’re sure to have an interesting night..


6 thoughts on “Halloween Events in Newcastle Upon Tyne

  1. Earthboundstars says:

    I really wish there was no age limit for Trick or Treating because honestly, what’s to be gained by turning away older kids from harmless fun? They only go off and drink or pick on younger children, or stay home and feel lonely. It’s not fair! Glad there are lots of fun things for adults to do though!


    • CarlyTamara says:

      I’m always nervous incase my house gets targeted with a trick if older children get turned away, but if there wasn’t an age limit people in their teens would go around – not going to lie I probably would too, at almost 24.


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