Wilko’s Fruits Face Mask

As some of you may know from my Instagram feed (you can find that here) that I love face masks and use them on a regular basis. I often post a picture of my bare faced mug all over my Instagram profile, looking scary yet again in another face mask. This face mask I am about to review right now does not break the bank, and only sets you back 95p. How spectacular?

Well, if you are unlucky enough to suffer from either oily or dry skin then I really do empathise with you. But you should all feel extra sorry for me, because I unfortunately suffer from combination skin, which is a mixture of both, oily and dry skin! 😦
I suffer from dry skin around my cheeks and under my eyes, where I tend to get very oily around the T zone of my face (forehead, centre of nose and chin). My forehead does get pretty bad in terms of oiliness, and I do get rather paranoid where I think others may get the impression I am massively sweaty just by looking at the condition of my face, where in fact that is not the case.

I have done the ultimate no no, and carried around powder makeup and when my face looks oily I have covered my face with the powder, which helps in the short term, but long term my pours get blocked to the max and it actually made the problem around 100x worse.

That is all before I even thought of using face masks to target the problem, and ever since I have started using face masks I have noticed a change in the way my skin looks and feels (apart from the usual bad skin day every now and again, but we are all human).

I bought the Wilko’s Fruit strawberry and pomegranate face mask a couple of weeks ago, but it was in my queue of new products to try, and today it finally got its time to shine!

The only problem I encountered with this product was getting the bloomin’ thing open! Strength is not an issue of mine, and I always thought and believed I was pretty strong, but this product in fact is a little devil and took me a few attempts to pull the seal off the little bugger! Pardon my french.

So, once I got in touch with the world’s strongest man and he opened the tub for me, I was surprised. Firstly, there was an amazing smell that emerged from the tub which was just gorgeous – and hopefully now my face will smell of that smell.
It set pretty nicely on my face and has left my face feeling really soft and gentle. The one good thing about the face mask is it had great coverage with only two scoop fulls, so I have only used around an eighth of the pot. I think I will be able to get a good two or three more face masks out of the same tub, which is amazing! Great value for money Isay and 95p well spent!


Poor quality picture.. I know. But you can’t exactly look tip top glam whilst covered in a thick face mask as well as becoming a perfect photographer. You can see how the mask looks on my face and that’s my main goal. Accomplished. Perfect quality? Needs work.

What’s your go to face mask? 


2 thoughts on “Wilko’s Fruits Face Mask

  1. butterflies and boundaries says:

    My go to face mask is definitely sheet masks! I won’t use anything other than them, garnier ones are fab 🧡

    My new blog post is here, would love if you could leave a comment 🍂🍁


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