Shopping Day Haul

I just love Saturday’s! It’s MY day of unwinding from the week and what better way for me to unwind? I go shopping!!

Saturday just gone myself and my grandma went into Newcastle and shopped until we dropped and oh boy did I pick up some great bargains!

I thought I would put together a bit of haul of what I bought on Saturday. I love reading these type of posts, 1) I’m super nosey and love to know what people are loving and buying and 2) I like to find out if there are any bargains out there that I’ve totally missed so I can go and buy more things I don’t need with money I don’t have.


Mink Crystal Stood Bobble Hat
I saw this hat in Newlook a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. I saw a hat quite similar in the Manchester Christmas Markets last year but it was almost £20 and I just couldn’t justify paying that much for a hat I can only wear for a quarter of a year. I was actually really glad I didn’t pay that price because I picked this up for £9.99, a purchase definitely worth the wait.

Shea Body Gift Set
I picked up such an amazing bargain with the Shea body gift set from The Body Shop. This set had been £6 – still a great deal, but I paid…. £3! I’m a massive fan of the Shea range as they aren’t overly scented but leave my skin feeling nourished and rich feeling so I would have just been stupid to walk away from this deal.The packaging is so cute I love the little box.  I’m actually thinking popping back in store very soon to see if there are any others on offer I can possibly put away for Christmas presents. Hopefully they haven’t all sold out!

Bristows Hairspray in Ultra Hold
I couldn’t imagine using any other hairspray. It keeps my hair looking great and together and for only 95p I really can’t complain.

Kiko Hydrating Foundation
I use this foundation on a day to day basis. I get great coverage which hides my rosacea perfectly. I saw Kiko had a promotion on in store so I popped in to find a lot of their foundation’s on sale so, I only paid £4.10 instead of £5.90. I use the tone Warm Beige 15 after being matched by a member of staff. I’ve already got half a full tube of foundation I use it every day so I’ve popped this one away ready for when I do need it. I think Martin Lewis money saving expert would be proud of me with this one. What a little investor I am! …

PJ Set
A pj set? Yes, need!
A pj set with glitter on the pants? Yes, need!
A pj set that actually only costs £6? OMG YES, NEED!!!!!

And I was sold. Primark have pulled it out the bag… again. Need I say more? No, I didn’t think so.

Nivea Anti-perspirant
Working in a bar gets you through extra amounts of deodorant due to being sweaty and sticky from all the beer and spillages so whenever I go to work I always make sure I have a tin of spray with me to stop me from smelling. Wilko’s had a great offer on my usual spray £1 instead of £2, so yep. This one has been put away until I need it at a later date.

What have you been buying lately?

*There are no affliate links in this post, I’ve linked the products to you just because I’m an extra lovely person


16 thoughts on “Shopping Day Haul

  1. Joy says:

    I love Kiko Milano but I can find their products in Canada. I’ll have to buy from them when I go back to my country but either ways, I’ll try this foundation out, I have quite a lot of redness and my skin is a bit dry!


  2. LP says:

    I’ve never tried any face products from Kiko! Super curious to see how that foundation works out for you. They always have such luxe looking packaging.


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