Eve Taylor Balancing Cleanser and Toner

I received a voucher for a facial as a Christmas present, but I thought I would wait to use the voucher until I felt my skin was in need for some serious TLC. So, before the autumnal weather really sets in I thought I would get a facial so I was more than prepared to tackle the weather that really does affect and dry out my skin.

Several years ago my skin started to become seriously messed up. I had a bad case of combination skin, my forehead and nose was rather dry, and my cheeks and under my eyes was oily. When I confronted my beautician giving the facial, at Salon M in the Newcastle city centre she told me this was in reverse of what normally people experience so she gave me some Eve Taylor essentials that will improve my skin once I had left the salon.

I also suffer with rosacea, and to know more about my experience with the condition you can read my post here. Don’t want you feeling left out if you missed the post!


I use the balancing cleanser first all over my skin and it prevents the oils from coming out into my skin, and it prevents the rest of my skin from becoming too dry. Overall this product leaves my skin feeling gorgeously soft and rather glowing. I then use the balancing toner as a spray. With it being held a few inches away from my face within 6 sprays it hits my face and lays nicely on the skin. It gives a lovely finish to the cleanser and makes me feel confident knowing my skin is getting better.

I have seen an improvement in my skin and the dryness and flakiness of my skin has been stopped, I am feeling a lot happier with how my skin is on a daily basis, giving these Eve Taylor products the thumbs up!

Although my rosacea hasn’t disappeared I feel I am FINALLY starting to get on top of my condition and hopefully one day I will be creating a post to say I’ve beaten it and I’m rosacea free!

I hope that day is sooner rather than later.

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