A Sneak Peak Inside My Handbag

I’ve always wanted to do one of these posts, I’m obsessed with reading them and I often find myself searching Google *what’s in my bag blog posts* am I nosey? I think that’s quite possibly the only reason why I’m so interested in reading such posts. Or perhaps I just like to make myself feel less guilty for carrying around a load of unnecessary items in my bag.

Either way, I think it’s fun finding out what you all have in your bags.

Hey ho look at me now. I’ve finally done my own post for you all to see what’s lurking in the bottom of my bag. It might be the only light of the day that those items might see too so win win!


The bag – the beaut is a £40 bag from River Island that I had my eye on about this time last year whilst I was out shopping with my grandma. The cutie that grandma’s are, she picked up on my *ahem* ever so slightly noticeable bag obsession that I seem to have and she bought it for my 23rd birthday last November. I love the handles of the bag with the chains, it really sets the bag apart from the rest and gives it that little extra edge which I adore. Around a year later I still swoon over it but you have to appreciate a good bag otherwise that’s just plain rude, c’mon!

Pen – I’ve just put a pen back in my bag as whenever I seem to need one I can never find it. A pen is always a useful item to have in your bag. Fact.

Chewing gum – Guilty for always having chewing gum on me but whenever somebody asks if I do you can bet your life I say no. Lol.

Purse – Once upon a time this purse was used when I was going on a night out because my bigger purse didn’t fit in my going out bag and since then I’ve just stuck to using this one. I’m lazy yeah, no judging plz. I will eventually swap back to my larger purse one day. Maybe.

Phone – Yet again a massive necessity in my bag. If you see me out and about and I don’t have my phone on me: 1. I will not be functioning like a human being 2. I will possibly be distressed 3. Don’t stop me, I’ll more than likely be in a rush to get back home to pick it up.

Nail varnish – I packed this colour as a last minute decision when I was going back down Manchester for a wedding and it’s been in my bag since.

Body spray – A need incase I have an extra sweaty shift at work and I feel I need a little refreshed. I don’t really like the smell of this spray as I find it a little overly fragranced and sweet but I’ve not bought an alternative so it will have to do eh.

Bobble – Yep yep yep. Always. Yep. I’m such a typical girl apart from the fact I don’t have one on my wrist *insert money hands over eyes emoji here*

Earrings – Because you never know who you could bump into and earrings are always an understated fashion statement to any outfit. I just seem to carry a little bit of a collection incase I’m feeling fussy.

Scratched scratch card – If I’ve lost they seem to bury themselves down into the dark, deepest depths of my bag until there’s too many and I end up throwing them out. Can they even be recycled? God knows.

Headphones – Making all types of journeys more bearable.

Charger – I used to need to carry my charger with me when I had my old phone who kindly had a habit of dying on 60% and taking me by surprise. I now have a newer phone but I’ve not got out of the habit of leaving the house charger free. That my friends is what you call trust issues.

Paracetamol Both empty packets and full, I’d rather be prepared to zap the little pain bugger rather than have to suffer.

Hand sanitiser 
– There are too many icky people about that I need to protect myself from.

Eyelash glue – Don’t want to be caught out by those high winds we unexpectedly fall victim of. A hanging off eyelash is never a good look either.

Lipstick – It doesn’t matter what brand, colour, type, etc. I’ve got it. In the bottom of my bag.

Receipt – Lots and lots of them float into my bag and collect up and suddenly I can’t find anything else other than lots of crumpled up pieces of paper that serve no other purpose than annoying the hell outta me.

What do you have stored in your bag? 


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