The Autumn Tag

I love a good tag, I think they’re fun to fill out and a great way to learn about other bloggers by reading their answers too.

Over the last couple of days I was kindly tagged to take part in this tag by:

Lauren from Lauren Ann Beauty
We Earthbound Stars
Lena at Our Chaotic Mess 

Go and check them out, their blogs are great, as are they!

The Rules
1. List these rules in your post, so that everyone is clear on what to do!
2. Include the creator’s link ( and also whoever nominated you!
3. Answer the questions and tag at least 3 other people (maybe include their links to help with their DA?

The Questions
1) What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?
As sad as it is hanging up your vest tops, shorts, floral strap dresses, flip flops etc because it’s an official goodbye to summer, but I actually love wrapping myself up in oversized jumpers, hoodies, etc and getting out my denim jacket! Autumn to me means comfy wear and I love it! 

2) Are you taking part in Blogtober?
I am taking part in Blogtober and now I am actually understanding how challenging it really is. I take off my hat to people who have done it previously and are re-doing it again, and to those who are successfully completed it. It’s a lot of hard work.
Good luck to anybody taking part! 

3) Favourite Autumnal Drink?
I do love a good hot Ribena/ Vimto drink, my grandma used to give me one every year on Bonfire night as we would watch the fireworks in her back garden and since then I’ve always thought of those drinks.
However, I did recently create this hot chocolate which I thoroughly enjoyed!
4) Favourite Autumn Candle?
Anything pumpkin spiced, and cinnamon. I know cinnamon is usually a scent linked Christmas but Autumn is basically a big run up to Christmas, yeah?
5) Favourite item of clothing for Autumn?
I have a mustard yellow jumper that I bought from Primark last year for £8 (I think) is is big, comfy and colourful. Who said you can’t be comfy and fashionable? It will be making a return soon when it starts to get cold.
6) Do you decorate your house/room for Halloween/Autumn?
I don’t but you bet I spend a hell of a lot of time on Pinterest planning how I would decorate my house for Autumn when I’ve got a proper place of my own. Eeek, I can’t wait!
7) What do you do on Halloween?
I don’t do anything now. How sad is that? I used to love going trick or treating when I was younger and coming home with a massive bag of sweets that I probably never even ate! I do like going out around Halloween for a night out, dressed up.
My Nominations
Kirsty from Kirsty Through The Looking Glass

Elaine from Early Retirement Rocks
Sinead from Butterflies and Boundaries

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag

  1. Lena says:

    I’m always on Pinterest decorating my house, too.. but never actually decorate my real house that way. 😅 It’s still warmer here so we haven’t pulled out all the Fall clothes but I’m so excited for my oversized sweaters & leggings!


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