How I Edit My Photos

I’ll openly admit that when it comes to my photos there is plenty room for improvement. I need to work on angling, editing, photographic content and learning how to pick out the one ‘good’ photo from an album crammed of ‘bad’ ones.

But surely that’s the case for everybody? Nobody can actually take a picture and claim it is perfect because what is one person’s caviar is another person’s poison.  Which really gets me thinking…

In the past I have saw a lot online from bloggers throwing bitchy shade towards other bloggers for their “lack of photographic skill”. Which firstly, really makes me quite annoyed because in my case a lot of time and effort is usually put into my photos chosen for Instagram and on my blog for that matter so if I find out my “lack of professional photography skills” has been a topic of conversation for the wrong reasons I know I’d be pretty peed off for the judgement.

It also leaves me feeling quite sad, we are all our own bosses of our content and what we choose and not choose to feature on our platforms. So, for example, if a person decides to pick a specific photo thinking that it fits in well with their post, theme, colouring, layout, etc and they are happy with it and how it looks and ties in to their content then quite frankly, who the hell are we to judge?

I don’t own a professional camera with loads of lenses and tripods and extra equipment. Why? Simply because I cannot afford it. And I will hold my hands up and admit to that. So instead I use my iPhone 7 – not the best or most flashy iPhone in the world but it takes the pictures that I want it to take and does what I want it to do, so, that will do me quite nicely.

So for an example I am going to show you how I rather quickly edited the blow photo using only my iPhone. The picture was taken on Monday afternoon, it wasn’t particularly dull or bright. I did however take this picture in natural light by arranging my flat lay on a cream fluffy rug that I had strategically placed on my bed which is in front of a medium sized window, it’s all so very glam over here.

First things first I go into the edit mode on my selected photo in my camera roll and then I select “light” and it brings up a list of different options you can change to the photo so here is the changes that have been applied to the photo to transform the first into the second.

Brilliance – 0.33
Exposure – 0.07
Highlights – 0
Shadows – -0.47
Brightness – 0.47
Contrast – 0.13
Black Point – 0.21 

I just want to note that the above numbers change on every single photo I edit as the lightning is different and it depends on whether you take the photo inside or outdoors, but this is just to give you a generic idea of how well the iPhone is capable of editing pictures if you don’t really have time, like me, to edit away for hours and spending a lot of money on apps and gadgets.

To some the edit photo won’t seem “perfect” and will probably take a lot of criticism and I don’t expect a lot of comments saying “amazing photography babe will you be available for mine and Hank’s wedding on the 20th?” … but I think the transformation is pretty incredible and it takes all of ten minutes at the maximum, maybe more if you’re more picky.

The moral of this post is that… I’m happy with the outcome of that edited picture so that’s all that should matter!

Although do note that I’m still very new and learning at the whole photography aspect of blogging so if you have any helpful hints, tips, tricks, or even advice on such other ways I can change the above photo please let me know and I will consider doing an updated post sometime in the future taking into account all of your advice!


3 thoughts on “How I Edit My Photos

  1. Earthboundstars says:

    Throwing shade on a blogger’s photo ability is so stupid because none of us are full time photographers!! Obviously we set aside a lot of time for blogging, planning blogs, writing blogs, and while the photos are a very important part and we certainly do try our hardest, the pictures aren’t going to come out like they would if we could devote all day to it and it’s silly to expect that from other bloggers. And it definitely doesn’t take all that professional equipment to take a good picture, as you showed. Your pictures are great and thank you for calling out an unhealthy side of blogger lifestyle. We should all be building one another up!


  2. Lena says:

    I use my iPhone, too! I’m not a photographer, of any kind, so I can’t justify spending all that money for the expensive equipment photographers use. I agree that we shouldn’t be judged for the choice of pictures we choose to use as it is OUR blog and OUR choice.

    Lena // http://www.ourchaoticmess.con


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