Has A Serum Improved My Rosacea? | AD

I have suffered from rosacea for about four years now or near about that time. It’s something that I’ve eventually just accepted about myself. 5ft 3, curvy, brunette rosacea sufferer, it just rolls off the tongue. I have previously written a post on why I refuse to leave the house without any makeup which you can read here, it is linked to the severity to my rosacea.

However, when I look back on old pictures of myself, which I don’t do often, I don’t want to come across as self obsessed. I can’t help but notice how clean and clear my skin was and I didn’t even need to use foundation back then, but I did due to vanity reasons, which seems stupid thinking back, but I wore it for different reasons back then, reasons I’m not going to get into right now, but that could be a potential future post looming.

I come across this picture of myself taken in 2012 on holiday in Gumbet, Turkey.
Although several questions appear in my mind now when I look at this picture like oh god what is my “fringe” doing, why are my eyebrows a weird brown colour and very very very uneven and in a strange shape, and the main question is how did I let myself go and why am I still not that skinny now as I was there? But those questions are simply irrelevant to my post as I’m actually using it to point out how clear my skin was.

When that photo was taken I didn’t have any face make up on. No foundation, no concealer, no powder, no bronzer (as you can probably tell as my face resembles a ghost), nothing. It was completely untouched apart from those hideous brows. Oh lord.

Now, my skin now couldn’t be any more different, and on holiday this year despite sweating profusely, I did make sure I was combatted with foundation and all of the works to cover up my rosacea. Which is sad really because I didn’t realise how lucky I was on the previous picture to have such great skin, yet little did I know what was coming my way a couple years later.

This picture taken is my skin on a good day, it can be a lot more angry looking and painful, in fact.

So when I was contacted by Skinkissed about receiving a serum for an honest review I was overjoyed and willing to give anything a try if it gives a small hope of helping my skin improve in any way.
I used the serum twice a day, on a morning before I moisturised and applied my makeup and on a night after I had taken off my make up and cleansed my face and given myself six weeks judgement free using the serum to allow any changes to take shape.

The below image is my face six weeks later.

I’m really surprised with my results, as I see my own face every day I couldn’t actually see a difference in the appearance of my skin until I had taken this photo and compared it to the earlier one.

Although this doesn’t solve the condition and take it away completely you do need to work with it and try to find out your own triggers to what makes the skin flare up in the first place.

Different aspects triggers the condition such as temperature, diet, stress, etc so learning how to find your balance is really tricky and is something that I still struggle with to this day. I know for definite that stress affects my condition, when I’m going through a stressful time in my life I know that directly affects my skin, but sometimes it’s hard keeping stress levels to a minimum where life is involved so that is something that I know I need to work more on in the future.
I just want to note that rosacea really dries out the skin which makes it hurt and sometimes flaky, so keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated all day is very important before you start working out your triggers.

Overall I would recommend this serum to anybody who is thinking about giving it a try. In my opinion if you suffer from rosacea and feel the way I do, I would be willing to give any type of product a go if it could get me back to the old me with perfect, clear skin.

*I was gifted the Skinkissed serum but all words and opinions are my own. 

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