My Photo Diary of Palma Nova

Do you know of a time it is classed acceptable to have an alcoholic drink so early on in the morning without being judged?

At the airport.

If you look around the departure lounge, almost everyone has a drink in front of them. A glass of wine, a pint, even a pitcher of lager/cider.

And why not? As soon as you check your luggage in and it’s off on it’s little journey to your plane you are officially in holiday mode, and what a better way to celebrate you officially being on holiday than with a good ol’ drink! – unless you don’t drink of course, then obvs don’t celebrate with a drink…

Anyhow, for me and my other fellow 7 party members we were celebrating the start of our holidays by having a pint of Dark Fruits at 4:45am and boy did it taste good, and at £5.50 a pint you bet I was forced to enjoy it that little bit more.



I first went on holiday to Palma Nova in 2005 with my grandma and grandad for a week at the end of October. Yes, that resort which is so close to Magaluf you literally walk into it without realising you’re in Magaluf. And yes. I went with my grandma and grandad.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed my time in Palma Nova as a ten year old, so when I was invited away for a family friend’s birthday I jumped at the opportunity to go back.

I could remember little bits and pieces about the resort, but I could really remember the beach and how amazing it was.





We went on a boat trip one day for John’s birthday present from us which took us around the little bays around Magaluf and I was taken aback at some of the beautiful coves and caves which have so much history behind them.

I typically, like others possibly assume Magaluf with carnage and monstrosity, however, I was shocked at some of the stunning sights that we were taken to on the two hour glass bottom boat.

Unluckily, I didn’t see a shark, or a Nemo fish





If you haven’t realised already, a lot of these photos contain cocktail pictures. I tasted so many delicious cocktails and the presentation of them all, I couldn’t not take a picture.

Are you even a blogger if you don’t take a picture of what you’re eating/drinking? I’ve learned not.









Palma Nova is very English, lots of English work there, holiday there and live over there. So if you are looking for a more Spanish resort then don’t give it a visit. As beautiful of a place it is, you can still grab a pint of Thatchers cider on draught, rather than a classic Amstrell or a San Miguel as you would probably expect being in Majorca.




As it was my first time drinking in the Magaluf strip I was shocked when I ordered a Vodka Diet Coke, and it come in a pint glass with a complimentary shot.

And yes. All the bars in ‘Maga’ serve a “small” vodka in a pint glass. It’s fair to say not many of those were needed before I was a bit wobbly at the knees.









I hope you have enjoyed being on a photographic journey with me and what I got up to on holiday.

A lot of drinking you’re probably assuming. Correct.

Have you ever been to Palma Nova or Magaluf before? What did you think of your time there? 


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