How To Make: Purple Rain

If you have been to Spoons you will know the popular pitcher drink Purple Rain is a massive favourite from the menu. So, I decided to make the drink myself, so now you don’t have to be at Spoons to enjoy a Purple Rain!

What You Need
– Vodka
– Cherry Sourz
– Blue Curacao
– Lemonade
– Ice


1. Measure out 25ml of Vodka and pour into cocktail shaker (or glass if you don’t have a shaker)

2. Measure out 25ml of Cherry Sourz.

3. And 25ml of Blue Curacao.

4. Put the lid on the shaker and shake until the alcohol is mixed together. You will know it is mixed together when the drink has turned into the deep purple colour.

5. Once mixed, pour the contents into your glass and top with ice.

6. Add your desired amount of lemonade to your drink, more for a weaker drink, or less for a stronger drink. The preference if yours!

7. Enjoy!


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