15 Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

I haven’t been to a wedding in a long long time. The majority of my family members are married, or have been for a long time. Now my great aunties are kind of looking at the grandchildren of the family and waiting for us to announce an engagement of some sort as their children are passing on the marriage baton forward to our generation. Yes, I am 23 in fact, but am I hell ready for that kind of commitment, or am I ready to accept that I am old enough to be married, or even old enough to be expected to get married! Basically, I don’t have money growing out of my ears and I have more important things to spend my money on right now. Dominoes are currently doing a 50% off voucher if you spend over £25, so yeah…

Any how, my boyfriend’s mum is getting married in September and I know that doesn’t make me a direct light to attention, but this wedding is kind of a big deal to me.

Me and Tom have been together for over 2 and a half years now and he is giving his mum away on the day. I have met a large amount of the family, but some people I won’t be sure who they are and probably vice versa. And for that reason I’m feeling a little bit under pressure to look banging on the day. I don’t want somebody thinking “I haven’t met Carly but I was expecting her to look different/better than she does” or something equally as hurtful.

So basically Carly you need to find a dress that makes you look curvy and fabulous and not saggy and flappy, a pair of heels that are comfy yet extremely stylish and most importantly, make sure I’m putting together an outfit that I can definitely wear again.

Because who likes spending mega money on an outfit you know you will never wear more than twice without becoming a serious and quite an obvious outfit repeater?

However finding a banging outfit when you’re on a pretty tight budget can be a squeeze – a tight one at that, too! So, I’m setting myself a rough budget of £60 to £80 including the dress/clothes, shoes and a bag – at least this gives me a good excuse to get a new bag without getting judged from a very judgemental and bag police boyf of mine.

So I’m taking you on a journey to finding inspiration fit for the bride’s son’s gf. The wedding is four months away, but you have to be prepared for these kind of events and plan ahead, accordingly. That and the fact I am a tad nosey and I like looking well in advance picking out an outfit that is well out of my budget and wont flatter my figure and I will end today sitting in my bed with a tub of ice cream.

Yeah. Send me good luck because I think I’m going to really need it!

BeFunky-collage.jpgBeFunky-collage (1).jpgBeFunky-collage (2).jpgBeFunky-collage (3).jpgBeFunky-collage (4).jpg

  1. Coast | £129
  2. River Island | £46
  3. Yours | £39.99
  4. Yours | £23.99
  5. ASOS | £50
  6. Dorothy Perkins | £24
  7. Topshop | £49
  8. H&M | £39.99
  9. New Look | £22.99
  10. Boohoo | £18
  11. Boohoo | £18
  12. River Island | £46
  13. Missguided | £40
  14. Pink Boutique | £45
  15. Quiz | £34.99

Watch this space to find out what I end up buying. I will do a follow up post about what I’ve bought and put together to make an outfit.

Are you going to a wedding this summer? What are you planning on wearing for the occasion? 


17 thoughts on “15 Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

  1. simplyshaiz says:

    The last wedding I attended was mine haha. You are right for planning ahead because when you wait till the last minute thats when you end up spending too much because you are desperate.


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