The Best Present I’ve Ever Received

Okay, so I’m pretty sure I cannot be the only girl in the world to suffer from tangled or ‘tatty’ hair, for years I have went through some serious suffering of dragging a brush through my hair whenever I pluck up the courage to actually de-tangle my hair. 30530816_10155447013057960_2834997832077803520_n

I had put my faith in so many different types of brushes too, and believe me, none of them have really helped. I trusted a paddle brush, bristle brush, vented brush, teasing brush, wide tooth comb and even a fishtail (rattail) comb. None of them really helped me from being in pain when brushing. The pain was something that I struggled with, and it really put me off wanting to look after my hair due to the pain. Not even mentioning the main I was in the morning after the night before when I’ve had my hair curled, curly hair just seems to matt up and tangle together so trying to drag a brush through it is torture to me. I have my hair curled a lot.

I often suffered from hair loss too whilst I was brushing which is why I tried to many different types of brushes to see if there would be an improvement – no, no improvement at all. My hair loss became a worry of mine, I began to think medically of maybe I had a thyroid issue which game back negative when I was at the doctors for tests.

I had more or less given up hope, UNTIL…
For Christmas 2014 I was given a present that has literally changed my hair. I received from Santa my Tangle Teezer.


This is a little hand held brush that just glides through my hair. I have tested it on my hair after all types of endurance; wind swept, wet, bed hair. All the worst types of hair which create the most pain – yeah this teezer glides through them all effortlessly and without any tugging. My hair is boob-length and perfect, but I have tried the teezer on other lengths and it works just as well. This was a pitch on Dragons Den a few year ago, and I am totally shocked that the dragons did not opt for this product, they have lost out by a mile here as they’re even used and highly recommended in my hairdressers.


Since I got this gift I have never touched or even picked up any of my old brushes, this product gets 10/10 from me. I love it! I take it everywhere with me, it has been abroad on several occasions and has travelled the country, it is my must have item!

Now, I actually can’t imagine a life without my little purple brush.

Do you have a Tangle Teezer? What do you think of it? If not, what brush do you use? 

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