Blogmas Day 18. Christmas Wrapping Inspiration


With all of my Christmas shopping almost done. It’s time for me to think about step 2. Wrapping.

I absolutely love wrapping presents. It’s where my creative side comes out. I have a massive amount of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons in every colour you could possibly think of. Yet every year I still buy more and more!

Pinterest is the greatest place to go if you’re looking for inspiration. In previous years I never thought about looking on there for some ideas, however this year I think it’s been the best thing I’ve done!
I’m sharing a few images thatis on my Pinterest ‘Christmas Wrapping Inspiration’ board. If you want to follow me then you can here

I’m going for a rose gold and white colour scheme hence why all the images are around those colours. I bought some plain rose wrapping paper on Saturday from The Card Factory for 99p. I just need some accessories and add ons for finishing touches.



Do you have a colour scheme? Or an idea of what you want your gifts to look like?

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