8 things you have defo said when you are drunk AF

Alcohol has that strange hold over people, when everybody becomes best friends dancing along to some of the most embarrassing songs in the music industry. Especially if it a song that requires dance moves – and when I say requires, I mean like 5,6,7,8 the Steps classic. Now, come on, when this comes on anywhere and you are totally intoxicated you MUST get up on the dance floor and belt out your best dance moves. Yeah, it was a good idea at the time, but looking back not your most sensible decision.
Here are some things you are guaranteed to have said at some point when you are under the influence.

  1. “I fucking love you!!!!!!!!!”

    We have alllllllll been there, when you are parting ways with your friends at the end of the night, your friend gets out the taxi first and you are left hanging out the taxi window shouting this at her. Either that, or during an emotional conversation that happens in the toilets. Because the toilets is where all conversations happen, obviously.
  2. “This is MY jam/song!”

    And it is ALWAYS to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love isn’t it?

3.  “SHOTS!!!”

Never a good idea. Well we think it is at the time, until you wake up at 12pm the next day with a head feeling like you’ve got an elephant trapped inside of it.

4.  “My feet are killing! :(”

There’s something about that GIF that makes me feel a bit sick. But 9 times out you end up walking like that when A) you wear heels you cannot walk in, or B) your feet feel numb after hours wearing sky scrapers. If only you could go out wearing your slippers.

5.     “We need a picture!”

Only to look through your Snapchat story the next morning and rapidly delete all those selfies you thought was a good idea at the time. Oh, and nobody cares what you are eating at 4am.


We scream at lot when we are drunk. If a good song comes on, when we start dancing, if we see someone we know or even if our friend kisses an average looking guy. Everything is exciting when you’re drunk AF. 

7.     “Do not text him!”

Trying to be that supportive friend that empowers your girls when they’re on the verge of texting their ex or that guy they have a psycho side with, but for them to only look at you and tell you its too late…

8.     “You are like my best friend”

Erm yeah, if I had a pound for every time I have said that, or had that said to me!


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