16 things I wish I had known at 16

Looking back at my young 16 year old self seems like an eternity ago (actually only 6 years ago, wow I’m old!) just makes me cringe. Fashion choices, lifestyle choices and especially boy choices. Here are 16 things I wish I had known when I was 16 and maybe I wouldn’t have been the worried, self conscious, stressed teenager I once was!

Here are the 16 things little Carly Thompson wish she had known.

And if you were 16 once then maybe you can relate a little, or a lot to the following content.

1. Make sure to buy a foundation that actually matches. Argh, this still makes me cringe to this day. Whoever thought of picking up a any tub of Dream Matte Mousse and caking it all over your face would become be a bad choice? Yak to this very day!

2.  Remember that boy you had countless arguments about with your parents? Yeah, they were right weren’t they? He did come out to be a melt. I wish I had listened to my mum about a particular boy I had an eight month relationship with. Hey ho.

3. Make sure you remember to spend time with your family. Whilst you’re growing up and going out with your friends trying to be ‘cool’ hanging out the local shopping centre, the rest of your family are growing old. To this day I wish I had spent more time with my Granddad, although I tried!

4. The crush you had which seemed to be the real deal actually doesn’t seem to be as legit as you thought. You will find that out as soon as you meet someone you really care about.

5. Looking back, how dangerous was underage drinking of good old faves Lambrini and Frosty Jacks in a cold, dark, damp field in the middle of winter? Now I would much rather be in my pj’s watching the soaps with a cuppa rather than freezing my overly padded size A’s off.

6. Teachers completely stress you out at this age. Revise for this, revise for that, it’s the end of the world if you don’t get in sixth form. When actually… Erm… yeah GCSE’s are important, but if you don’t nail them first time round you can always try again. They aren’t worth going grey about!

7. To this day I still pull an awful face when I think of how ’emo’ I was. That massive heavy side fringe, purple dyed hair, and going crazy on the black eyeliner. Argh!

8. People will never ever know you’re on your period, a freak and very unfortunate incident will be the only way you will leak through your clothes. And no, people can not smell it.

9. Losing your virginity can seem like the end of the world if you don’t lose it in your teens. But when you are in your 20’s nobody seems to care if you lost it at 15, 19, or if in fact you’re still a virgin.

10. Love your friends. You won’t believe it at the time, but your friends in your circle wont be your friends for life. You will end up moving apart and meeting and making new friends and moving on from your old memories. Sad, I know 😦

11. How many times did you disagree with anybody who said “School is the best days of your life?” Yeah. They were not lying, but unfortunately they weren’t lying! School was great, being with your friends 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, constantly having a laugh and making memories. It goes over waaaay too quick, and you do miss it once it is over.

12. Don’t stoop to a lower level than your self worth by trying to impress those easy chavvy girls. Chav is never popular or a clever life choice. It’s better to be comfortable in the shoes you are in. Those girls end up being hated by the rest of the year anyways!

13. The contraceptive pill is there to prevent pregnancy. Not to be bragged about in front of your group of friends. Growing up is cool, but growing up too quick stops you from enjoying life around you. Contraception is a really personal issue which should be kept to yourself and maybe some who you trust with your life. Don’t shout, rant and rave about it 24/7 because it can give boys the complete wrong end of the stick. Plus, it’s pointless taking the pill unless you are sexually active too! Don’t give off the wrong impression.

14. Stop putting yourself down about the way you look. This is the most important one on this list in my opinion. I was constantly so body conscious all the way through my teenage years. I hated my weight, even though I was a size 10 – a weight I’d die to be now! I wish I had chilled out a little more about how I looked, when I look back I think damn girl, you looked finnnnnee!

15. Make sure you are nice to everybody. Being a bitch never ever makes you cool, and it defo does not make you a nice person, like ever!

16. Being a teenager is hard, but it does get better!




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