03/05/17 – The Night I Seen Bruno Mars Live!

Okay, so first of all I want to apologise for being so absent lately. This is my first post in around 2 month. My Mac charger broke in October 2015 and I have not had any spare funds to buy a new one, however, I have purchased a new one and I’m officially BACK!


Moving swiftly on. Since little Bruno Mars released Nothin’ On You with B.O.B, which seems like ages ago! I knew there was something special about that voice. How a voice could be so warm and captivating at the exact same time. It amazed me. Since then, I have been a huuuuge fan of Bruno’s songs right up to this current day.

But, being from the U.K it is rare an American singer comes over to this small island to perform. So, when my mum heard the announcement last year that Bruno was going to do a World Tour she knew it would be THE perfect birthday present for me. And she was correct! I couldn’t believe it! I was finally going to hear all of those songs that I have listened to for years and years live! It was almost too good to be true! I have had around 10 conversations with myself wondering which songs he will perform, and praying that he will perform old ones as well as his new material.

So, when the day finally come I was like a kid at Christmas! I was so excited and I think I only mentioned it around 40 times during  that day to my family. My whole social media knew of the event, don’t worry I did not fail to let them know where I was going later and who I was going to see!

*I am apologising in advance for the poor quality of photos I have decided to share with you on this post. I was very excited whilst at the concert (as you can understand). So lend me some slack, yeah?)


Anderson . Paak was the support act, who I was completely unaware of, so that was a brand new experience. I couldn’t really say I was a big fan of his music, it wasn’t really to my taste. And I think he/they would have suited a Drake concert rather than an upbeat Bruno Mars concert. However, he was a good crowd warmer and it got me excited and in the mood the see him.

But, do I actually need to comment on how spectacular Bruno was!? Or would I just be biased by saying he was most certainly in the top 3 of the best concerts I have attended? I don’t care! He was amazing, and I still cannot believe I seen him. I was in the same room as him. Breathing the same air as him! It was a night I will not forget in a hurry.

My prayers were answered, he performed so many of his old songs, such as Marry You, Runaway Baby, Just The Way You Are, Grenade, Treasure, Locked Out Of Heaven, and When I Was Your Man. As well as songs from his new 24k Magic album including so much more than just Versace On The Floor, Uptown Funk, That’s What I Like, Chunky, and of course 24k Magic! Bruno and his gang did not fail to entertain, and the entire crowd was constantly screaming, singing along, dancing, jumping, swaying and so many more body motions. Their dance moves which appeared effortless inspired and amazed me at what I was witnessing.

18222328_10154557342302960_3136284615843029329_n 18221696_10154557342917960_749633565767638104_n
But, best of all…Bruno’s vocals sounded the exact same live as they do on his album, apart from he wasn’t doing a Bieber and miming! It was just incredible, I cannot sing his praises enough! (apart from the fact I, er, cannot sing to save my life)

18268143_10154557342082960_2462473225280997738_n 18222496_10154557342222960_5668216214385570425_n

I experienced every single emotion within the space of an hour and a half. I had goosebumps, I was dancing in delight, welling up at his heart felt songs, and singing along with Uptown Funk! I experienced happiness, sincerity,  love, loss and hope. But now, my hope is that Bruno does another World Tour in the future, I will most certainly be going! Well done Bruno and gang, well done!

If you want to hear how good Bruno was, but aren’t going to his concert then you can listen to a little bit of his live version of ‘Just The Way You Are’ that I recorded. I shared it on my Insta, you can visit that here.


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