I Painted My Lips

It’s not very often I wear lipstick on a casual day, but today I am in a good mood, so why not add a bright colour to my face? I am usually the type of girl who will only wear lipstick on a special night out, as it makes me feel very made up and formal.
I have opted for a naked eye that I have been getting used to lately, resulting in making my lips the focus point of my look.

I used a Jack Wills lip crayon as part of a set that I received from my boyfriend for Christmas, I opted for the one that was as close to purple so it would match my MUA lip liner.

It is the first time I have tried the lipliner, I bought it a few weeks ago, but I never tried it until now. It covers very well and you do not need to apply loads of pressure to get some colour on your lips. I love the colour of it so much, I am thinking of using it all over my lips as a pencil lipstick someday in the future. Both colours of the lipstick and the liner work well together, and there is no significant difference (to the point where it looks stupid)

Overall, I am very happy with the products, especially as the liner was only £1!
£1 well spent I would say!


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