My most recent purchase

My latest purchase is an item that I have been putting off for a matter of weeks now. I eventually plucked up the courage to spend £23 on some new MAC studio fix foundation.

Lol remember when it cost £21.50? I thought that was a bit much then.

I was tempted to try a different selection of foundation such as the Pro Longwear as I have always stuck with Studio Fix for a number of years now, but I chickened out at the last minute – so typical of me! But if it isn’t broke then why (studio) fix it? 😉

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 21.29.00


I find that this foundation alone is long lasting, even after a hard day at work which is brilliant for everybody with a hectic schedule. The coverage is unbeatable in my opinion as I have yet to come across another, covering so easily but looking so professional. I purchased colour tone NW20 and it matches me perfectly, with lots of colours enabling a more precise match in foundation tone you are guaranteed a near enough perfect colour match because there is nothing worse than having an orange face and a white neck! To be a good product perfect I love how the foundation is also a SPF factor of 15. Giving perfect protection from the sun rays, keeping your skin looking flawless and healthy all year round.

Before I broke into my purse, I went back to a foundation I have used in the past called FIT by Maybeline. I found the foundation is mediocre but done the job on the budget I was prepared to pay. Being a student can give you a serious lack of funds at certain periods over the year. However, now I have switched back to MAC I cannot believe I was so tight not to get it earlier, shame on me and only myself can be blamed. I am proud to say I am back to MAC and I do not plan on going anywhere else! I would recommend not only their foundation range, but all of the makeup they have available. To some the price might seem a bit upmarket, but it is definitely worth splashing out.

Which foundation do you swear by? 

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